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About Homespun Haints

We love a good ghost story.

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A podcast that combines the art of oral storytelling with the fear of the unknown.

Since ghost stories are always scarier when they’re told by the very people who experienced them, we created a podcast where guests share their own, personal ghostly experiences. We’re Becky and Diana, and we’ve created a friendly, judgement-free space, peppered with humor, where we talk to people who have encountered ghosts, demons, haints, and other strange, paranormal phenomena.

About the hosts

Becky Kilimnik, Co-host of Homespun Haints, a podcast of true ghost stories

Becky Kilimnik
Producer, Audio Video Editor, Social Media Maven, Co-host

Becky Kilimnik grew up with the ghost stories and folklore of her Appalachian home in northeast Tennessee; she now resides north of Atlanta, Georgia, but somehow always finds herself living in a haunted home.

In addition to co-hosting Homespun Haints, Becky spends her late nights editing the podcast, painting and drawing images to illustrate guest stories, and composing and recording the music to accompany episodes.

Becky holds degrees in anthropology, fine art, and marketing, and has a resume that looks like a bowl of spaghetti, with past job titles such as “professional musician” and “digital media professor.” Her real passion, however, is storytelling.

When not listening to ghostly tales, Becky can be found doodling pictures of ghouls and wrangling a pair of overweight cats.

Diana Doty, Co-host of Homespun Haints, a podcast of true ghost stories

Diana Doty
Writer, Copyeditor, Researcher, Co-host

Besides co-hosting the funniest first-hand ghost story podcast ever, Diana enjoys learning new languages, reading about science, eating adventurously, and travelling uncomfortably. She hosts soirees where she dazzles guests with exotic fruits, trashy goth music from the 90’s, and filthy-yet-intellectual party games.

Though Homespun Haints is not scripted, Diana labors intensely over the detailed and researched show notes provided for each episode. She also travels extensively to various haunted locals to explore local ghost folklore and ghost tours.

Although she has 2 advanced degrees, she works hard to be the opposite of bougie: she lives in a van down by the river (occasionally), shops at thrift stores (mostly), and eats bugs (somewhat intentionally). She thinks the world could be much improved by eliminating single-use plastics and squirrels. Having inherited both a logical skepticism from her Vulcan mathematician father and a willingness to believe anything from her fairy energy healer mother, Diana doesn’t know exactly what she believes about ghosts, and is ok with that.

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The Content

Homespun Haints is a podcast that celebrates the oral tradition of storytelling as an art form—with ghosts. Every episode features a different guest who has had a personal paranormal experience that they want to share with the world. Allowing guests to tell their stories directly into the microphone creates episodes full of visceral emotion and connection. 

Composed as half storytelling, half interview, each episode gives these haunted individuals a platform to share their experiences in their own voice and style. Now in its fourth season, the podcast has amassed a large collection of stories that reflect a wide range of experiences, interpretations, cultures, and traditions. The result is a series of unique and entertaining stories from around the world that are funny, thought-provoking, and horrifying.

Who is the podcast for?

Homespun Haints is for a mature audience and perfect for people who love scary stories, are open to the possibility that there is more that we can see, and for those who like some comedy with their scary.

Listen to the Trailer

Homespun Haints: True Ghost Stories
Preview: Gather round the campfire and prepare to be spooked
byBecky Kilimnik and Diana Doty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ghost Stories?

Because everyone loves a good one, and personal experiences, whether deliberately hunted down or occurring on accident, always bring extra shivers to the spine.

How can I get involved?

The first thing to do is to listen to the Homespun Haints podcast, and see if you like what we’re doing. If so, there are ways you can join the Homespun Haints community.

Subscribe to the podcast

Our community will grow with your help, and the first step is to subscribe, and tell your friends about the stories you hear.

Submit your own story

We are looking for personal stories that are well told and are scary as hell. We don’t want to hear about something that happened to your aunt’s neighbor’s cat. We want to hear about your experiences from your point of view. We want to have the shit scared out of us. And, we want you to tell it in such a way that it is a work of art. Review submission guidelines and submit your story here.

Share your experiences on Instagram

Use #homespunhaints to share, well, anything related to your ghost story. That weird shadow you got a photo of, your experiences recording your submissions, or how you felt after an episode. We love it all! And be sure to follow our Insta account @homespunhaints.

Conduct your own investigations

Hear something on the show that makes you hunger for more? We are willing to share any story that meets with our guidelines, and we leave it up to you to decide if you believe it or not. We encourage followup investigations of stories told on the show, whether it be historical research, physical investigations (only of places you have legal access to, please), or good old-fashioned deductive reasoning. Any evidence you uncover can be submitted using the same submission form. Please include “Followup investigation” in the subject line with the episode number.