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We seek entertaining storytellers who have the ability to scare us using only their words. Our purpose is to keep the oral tradition of personal ghost stories alive and thriving (even if our subject matter is already dead).

Can you tell a good story that will give us goosebumps? Do you have true, scary, and/or real ghost stories to tell? Homespun Haints would love to hear it! We do have some guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to be considered for our podcast.

We accept submissions in audio, video, and written formats, because we want to see how well you can tell a story orally! While we will consider written formats, applicants with audio or video submissions are more likely to be selected.

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Submission Guidelines

If we select your submission, you will have the opportunity to be interviewed during one of our episodes and recount your story live on the air. We will not play your actual submission on the episode, so be prepared to retell your story.

We retain the right to decide if your submission should be selected for the Homespun Haints podcast show. Please understand only a handful of submissions will be selected for interviews.

Homespun Haints offers no monetary compensation for submitting, for being selected, or for appearing on the podcast.

All submitted stories that make it onto the Homespun Haints podcast MUST meet the following 2 criteria:

  • They must be stories that happened to you personally (not to your brother or your aunt’s neighbor’s cat)
  • They must be told in a manner that we consider to be engaging and entertaining. This means you’ll need to flex your storytelling muscles. Excite us with your narration, your acting abilities, your own enthusiasm about your story. Craft it well, practice your delivery, and record yourself as many times as possible until you are satisfied with the results

In addition:

  • You must have complete rights to reproduce your story. You must be the original creator of your story, and you must be the copyright holder of your story. You must not have a prior agreement with another party that limits your rights to reproduce or retell this story.
  • Submissions cannot contain real names of other people or places, public or private, unless you have obtained explicit permission from those entities to use those names. When in doubt, change the name.
  • You must represent yourself accurately and truthfully in all contact information related to your submission.
  • You accept full responsibility if you violate any of the above
  • Should you be chosen for an interview, we retain rights to use and reproduce the contents of the live interview, and your submission, for unlimited written and audio reproduction for both publication and marketing purposes.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

Here’s where you have some flexibility, however.

  • We don’t necessarily mind if your story has become embellished since your first telling. One of the beautiful things about oral stories is they change and evolve over time, so you will not be disqualified for natural exaggerations of the mind. What matters is that you believe your story to be true at its core.
  • We are in the business of ghost stories, but we love a story that has any sort of paranormal element. Even if your experience isn’t strictly “ghostly,” if it is compelling and chilling, we would still like to hear it.