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We present three short true ghost stories told by the people who experienced them, featuring a guest in the Pecos Triangle, New Mexico, a story about a haunted clock, and a story told by the king of Horror Movies himself, Ken Sledge of Sledgehammer Horror. Listen to all three stories by clicking the play button below:

Episode Summary: Three true short ghost stories

Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most scary. Those little incidents—the little unexplained happenings that pop out of nowhere—can be the scariest of all. Today, we share three short stories from three different guests, including one from our co-host, Becky.

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Ghost Story No. 1

Our guest D lives in the Pecos Triangle (which encompasses the Pecos National Historical Park), where unexplained things have happened to him ever since he moved in.

Apparently, however, the events he experiences are just par for the course for those who dare to live within this strange region of paranormal activity in New Mexico. Strange disappearances, UFO sightings, and, of course, ghostly activity, are all common occurrences in this bit of wilderness in the Southwest U.S.

D references a video about the Pecos Triangle which you can watch below:

D’s experiences in Pecos aren’t the only strange supernatural events in his life. He also had an incident within a haunted house while he was studying photography in school.

Ghost Story No. 2

Ken Sledge of Sledgehammer Horror is not afraid of scary movies. In fact, his entire channel is devoted to horror, especially horror cinematography. However, when Ken was a teenager, he had an experience that could have come right out of a ’90s horror flick–except it was real. Ken retells his horrifying foray into a dilapidated haunted house and how the events of that evening terrify him to this day.

Ken and Ashley Sledge of Sledgehammer Horror

Ken also lets us know his very first horror film: House from 1985. And we have to agree, it’s a damn fine first horror movie for any kid to watch.

Ghost Story No. 3

We recently heard Becky tell of her visit to her family’s land in Lakeland, Florida, and the ghosts she and her family saw there. However, that story wasn’t the whole story. Another story recently emerged about a haunted clock that now, too, resides on the family property.

The faces of the ancient Telechron clock that is possibly haunted?

Be sure to listen to the entire episode to hear all three scary true short ghost stories. Until next time, have a spooky day!