Diana’s basement has a hidden passageway that has remained sealed for decades.

Nobody (alive) knows what the little sealed compartment in the wall contains…but since she was a small child, Diana has felt the presence of…something…hovering around that part of the staircase…waiting to snatch at her back with long, cold, ghostly fingers. Since this is the type of thing that should most definitely be left alone, we simply must open it. And what better way than having YOU there, fellow fan of real paranormal activities?

That’s right; we’re streaming it!

Before we open the passage, we will conduct a séance near the sealed entrance to try and get an idea of what we’ll find.

Join us via livestream as we don hazmat suits and crystals, and open the mysterious compartment. Before we open the passage, we will conduct a séance from the (safer, less-haunted) hallway side of the sealed entrance to try and get an idea of what we’ll find. Paranormal investigation will ensue.

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What can I expect from the livestream?

You will be part of the once-in-a-lifetime event of opening up Diana’s haunted basement passageway. You will also be watching a séance (because that’s a good idea) and a live paranormal investigation. Also, all ticket holders will be entered to win door prizes, such as signed posters and photographs.

To break it down for you, you get:

  • Live coverage of the unsealing of the passageway
  • Live coverage of a séance in the basement (gonna be spooky!)
  • Live coverage of a paranormal investigation after the passageway opening
  • Entries to win exclusive prizes

What’s in the box?

Is it riches? Remains? A secret? A curse? Nothing but dust? Are you brave enough to find out live with us? We need your support so we don’t chicken out! Please grab a ticket below so we’ll know you’ll be watching!


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This sealed passage through the wall of Diana's basement stairway may contain mysteries untold...and we'll be opening it for the first time in decades, while you watch for real paranormal activity!
This sealed passage through the wall of Diana’s basement stairway may contain mysteries untold…and we’ll be opening it for the first time in decades, while you watch.


Where is this house?

Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also, surrounding Diana.

How old is the house?

The house was built in 1929-1930. Diana’s family has owned it since the mid 1970’s.

Has anyone died in the house?

No, there’s no record of anyone dying in the house. Nor are there any family or public records we’ve been able to locate referencing anyone meeting the description of the people Diana (and others) have dreamt about down there.

Is the paranormal activity because this house was built on an ancient burial ground?

Quite possibly. The surrounding land has some traumatic history, even recently. Much of Tulsa, and therefore probably this house, is actually located on Muscogee (Creek) reservation lands, which were settled by the Muscogee (Creek) and Cherokee people who were forced to relocate to the area in the 1830’s. The government broke their agreement with this sovereign nation to make Oklahoma into a state in 1907. About a decade before the house was built, nearly an entire neighborhood of African American families were massacred just a few miles north of the house. We are still to this day discovering the victims’ unmarked graves.

But “ancient”? Maybe that holds water, too. For thousands of years before Europeans invaded the area in the 1500’s, native peoples did inhabit this area. The Wichita and the Caddo presence in the area can be traced back into prehistory, and the Osage and Apachean-speaking people likely stayed or passed thorough the land that is now called Tulsa. The nomadic Clovis and Folsom cultures were hunting in the area 10,000-12,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence implies that people have lived on or passed over these lands for 20,000 to 30,000 years. And on and on through the ages, people lived, and therefore likely died, all around this area. That’s quite a lot of time for bodies to accumulate.

So…probably, in some sense?

Have you opened the secret passageway yet?

This passage has not been opened in decades! Probably longer than Diana’s been alive. We’re just waiting for Becky to visit Tulsa. Since she’s so excited to see what’s in the secret passageway, Diana can’t in good conscience open it without her present.

When will Becky be visiting this house?

The time is nigh, hainted loves! Becky will arrive on Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2023, so be prepared for some pre-show shenanigans the day before, including a local oddities street market. The actual event is on Sunday evening, Sept 24th, 2023, where activities will include a séance, a clumsy amateur paranormal investigation, and opening the sealed secret passageway in Diana’s real childhood basement. Follow our social for updates; live, unplanned, in-the-moment antics leading up to this event will probably stream on TikTok.