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On this scary Halloween podcast episode, Stephanie Long tells one of our best real horror stories yet about strange and chilling paranormal encounters in basements. Take a listen to the episode. And then, let us know what in the world YOU think she saw on the ceiling of her basement bedroom. Or, I suppose we should say, “what the hell she saw,” no?

Press play below to listen now:

Scariest Podcasts: Episode Summary

On this podcast, each episode presents a standalone story of true paranormal activity that transports the listener into a world of horror. We interview many people who have seen ghosts and supernatural phenomena. And there have been a significant portion of those haunted people with supernatural encounters who have seen—something—with glowing red eyes.

Our guest, Stephanie, was in a dark place when she saw dozens of entities surrounding her bed, all with the same glowing red eyes. These chilling supernatural creatures were so numerous they blocked out the sunlight that would have been streaming into her room. Did the eyes indicate something evil, that usually hides out in the darkest corners? Or could they have meant something else?

If you’d like to listen to some of our best scary Halloween podcast episodes that these supernatural occurrences reminded us of, check out Charlie Punched a Ghost or You Can’t See its Mouth but you Know it’s Grinning.

Not-So-Scary Podcast Promo

Today’s promo is from The Mindless Morning Show, a captivating podcast that provides listeners an immersive experience in irreverent comedy storytelling.

Update: the Mindless Morning Show’s last podcast episode aired in 2022, but you can still access their archive of nearly 100 free episodes! Also, we interviewed these guys in season 4. Listen to their episode on our podcast, which includes a strange story about a creepy disembodied supernatural foot, and government conspiracies about the mystery of Tesla’s purported death ray.

About the guest: Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long is the owner of the fabulous Stephanie Marie Marketing, and is Homespun Haints’ personal SEO maven. If you have any sort of website that you want people to find on Google, you seriously need to track her down! Follow her for great marketing tips and updates on Linkedin and IG.

Real life horrors: Suicide is absolutely never the answer.

Fair warning: some parts of this story might be unsettling, and this might not be the best podcast to listen to right now if you’re feeling mentally unwell yourself. We’ve both been in an impossibly hard place before and we both have ongoing issues with depression. The best thing we’ve done that helped, ever, is to connect with other people. No matter what the problem is, there is someone out there who’s been there, who can relate with and understand anything you’re going through, who wants to hear your stories about what’s going on with you, and who yeah, actually freaking cares, however unlikely that might feel, because they’ve been there.

This is literally why the volunteers who man the Suicide Prevention Hotline do it; because they are thankful that they were able to talk to someone, or wish their loved one had been able to before making a snap judgment. It’s totally confidential and you do not have to use your real name.

They’re so inclusive that they have, I shit you not, TWELVE different gender identities to choose from on their live chat survey, including fill-in-the-blank. If you’re a talking-out-loud kind of person, call them at 1-800-273-8255. Professional help and this hotline exist because MANY people around the world feel suicidal every day; 20,000 people visit the Suicide Prevention Hotline chat every month. It can’t do any harm to talk about it to a good listener who wants to hear your story, no matter how unsettling it may be.

Horror movies, scary podcasts, and haunted attractions: love ’em or hate ’em?

Stephanie is a die hard fan of the horror genre. Even Stephanie’s best friends who love ghost stories are too scared to watch horror movies about ghosts, listen to scary podcasts, or go to haunted Halloween attractions with her. Conversely, we love being so scared we pee ourselves, at least in controlled situations. That’s the best reason we can come up with for why we started this scary podcast on all things horror: we just want you to tell us horror stories!

Where do you stand on the spectrum, from scaredy cat to scream queen? Let us know in our private Facebook group that you absolutely should be a part of if you aren’t already.

We hope we’ve provided the best horror stories and scary Halloween podcast experience you’ve had so far!

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