We seek entertaining storytellers who have the ability to scare us using only their words. Our purpose is to keep the oral tradition of personal ghost stories alive and thriving (even if our subject matter is already dead).

Terms and Conditions for recorded interviews conducted between Homespun Haints and guests (interviewee)

We retain the right to air any, all, or none of the interview content we record with you under the Homespun Haints brand. Our interviews are heavily edited, so not all of the recording will air on the podcast. Sometimes, we will use portions of the interview for Patreon-only content. Occasionally (and regrettably), some interviews, once recorded, do not meet our brand standards and have to be discarded.

Homespun Haints offers no monetary compensation for submitting, for being selected, or for appearing on the podcast.

Guests have the ability to promote themselves, their products, and their projects on our show. However, Homespun Haints makes no guarantees about how the audience will respond or react to those promotions, and makes no guarantees about how many downloads or impressions your episode will receive. While we love promoting and supporting our guests and their projects, Homespun Haints makes no guarantees as to how much your brand/project/product will be marketed in Homespun Haints marketing related to your episode.

Homespun Haints retains rights to use and reproduce the contents of the live interview, and your submission, for unlimited written and audio reproduction for both publication and marketing purposes, unless a prior agreement, in writing, has been agreed to by both Homespun Haints and the interviewee.

With the exception of interviews for our H Files series, you must be able to tell stories that happened to you personally.

By agreeing to be interviewed by Homespun Haints, you certify that you have complete rights to reproduce your story. You must be the original creator of your story, and you must be the copyright holder of your story. You must not have a prior agreement with another party that limits your rights to reproduce or retell this story.

You agree to not use real names or names of real places, public or private, unless you have obtained explicit permission from those entities to use those names. Homespun Haints is not liable for any damages resulting from unauthorized use of non-fictional names.

You can use a pseudonym, a portion of your name, or remain anonymous during the recorded portions of our show. However, we require that you represent yourself accurately and truthfully in all contact information related to your interview and submission.

We will only air interviews with guests 18 years of age or older.