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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the podcast where guests tell us about the true ghost stories they’ve experienced! On today’s episode, we speak with fellow podcaster Jim Roysdon of The Innovator Club podcast. Jim has two ghost stories to tell, one of which happened during the holidays. Are you in the mood for a Christmas ghost story? Take a listen to some heartwarming, spooky tales, today on Homespun Haints.

About Jim Roysdon

Jim is the host of The Innovator Club, a podcast described on the podcast’s website as “a place for innovators to come together, converse, brainstorm, and bring about new innovations in business processes, manufacturing, technology, governance and more.” To listen directly to episodes, visit the podcast site at https://the-innovator-club.buzzsprout.com/

Episode Summary

In this Christmas ghost story, Jim has what he describes as a “living ghost story,” centered around a conversation he had with his late father shortly before passing. Rather than give too much away on this one, we’re going to just have to tell you to listen to it. You’ll be pretty amazed at this one.

The second story in this episode features a haunted castle in Scotland, where Jim, his wife, and their friend are visited by some former (dead) residents. Because, if you stay in a haunted castle, the ghosts just come with the booking fee.

Lumley Castle

The owners of Lumley Castle do not shy away from its haunted reputation. In fact, the hotel website itself has a page describing Lily Lumley, the “vengeful” ghost that still haunts the castle halls. It seems the ghost that Jim encountered, however, was certainly not vengeful. In fact, she seemed almost comforting. Who she is we may never know.

Until next time, have a spooky day!