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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the nonfiction spooky stories podcast with a ghostly twist! Today we talk with Frantz, a native of Atlanta who has always seen more than is physically present but tried to deny it until just before his recent move to spiritual Sedona, Arizona.

Notes from this podcast episode of spooky stories

Whereas most of our guests are pretty adamant that they don’t want to share their homes with paranormal entities (listen to Episode 45 or Episode 25, for instance), Frantz builds relationships with the entities around him. He believes that asking them to leave his various abodes and workplaces would be wrong or fruitless.

In relaying his true ghost stories to us, Frantz makes mention of a ghost he met on the Roswell Ghost Tour who followed him home! He also develops a strained rapport with an entity (perhaps a demon?) brought forth through hoodoo ritualistic magic, and helps a friend who angered the ghost of a 19th century miner.

Episode references

The Roswell Ghost Tour is particularly scary because the area of Roswell, GA, is full of ghosts, as Frantz is quick to point out in this interview. But why is Roswell, Georgia, so haunted? Many attribute the massive hauntings to the raid on the mill workers in 1864. The raids were ordered by General Sherman during the Civil War as he attempted to cross the Chattahoochee River, which Roswell (and its mills) sat upon. Troops marched over 400 women and children out of the city, and many of them died along the way.

Others point out how the rushing waters of the Chattahoochee serve as a conduit to enhance the activity of restless spirits, and the granite prevalent in the area can also increase the amount of things that go bump in the night.

As if these factors aren’t enough, there is another sinister secret in Roswell’s past, tied to the cemetery that houses the town’s founders. You see, no one really knows how far the boundaries of the cemetery extend, but what we do know is it goes under the houses built around. That’s right. The houses surrounding this tranquil cemetery are sitting on top of unmarked graves. And the spirits there are none too happy about it.

And with that lovely little nugget of scares, we wish you to have a very spooky day!