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What do a roomful of demons, haunted asylum stories, a supernatural hag emerging from a closet, and a small little ghost girl trying to climb into your bed all have in common? Listen to find out on this paranormal podcast episode of Homespun Haints.

Episode Show Notes

Hauntings in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida, is no stranger to supernatural activity. For example, this article from LAL Today offers a nice collection of EVPs and other documented activity.

And, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel at the Florida Southern College campus in Lakeland may be haunted. But not by just any ghost. Specifically, it claims to home to the ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright. After all, he designed the chapel. You can find more information here.

The haunted asylum stories of the hospital in Peoria, Illinois

Brittany mentions how she tried to visit the haunted Bartonville Insane Asylum in Peoria. Her visit, however, didn’t go as planned. You can watch a paranormal investigation of the hospital here, where the investigators were also told to “get out.”

Haunted Asylum stories occur at the Peoria State Hospital pictured here
Peoria State Hospital image from Wikimedia Commons

If you just want to see more photos of what the place looks like, then check out some aerial video of it here.

Terrible accident on I-4

In the episode, Becky mentions an accident on I-4. At the time of recording, Becky thought the accident involved 37 vehicles. In reality, the count was nearly twice that, with 70 vehicles involved, 20 of them semi trucks. Read about what caused this terrible accident here.

Until next week, have a spooky day!