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Would you live in a haunted house? If so, just how many ghosts would be too many to put up with? What if you had small children who were terrorized by one or more of these entities? Every. Single. Night? It’s time to find out about the tiny terrors in Tulsa.

How much would be too much? Or, would you take it in stride, because, that’s just the way things are in these parts.

Let’s talk to Steve, who tells us of his terrifying experiences when he was a child living in a haunted house in the fifties.

Episode Show Notes

Is Tulsa really that haunted?

I mean, come on. It’s Oklahoma. Diana’s deeply disappointed that these ghosts weren’t more prevalent when she grew up in Tulsa.

Though, she did have a clinic across from the Old Hex House, which is in the Maple Ridge neighborhood Steve lived in. Supposedly the most haunted place in all of Tulsa, the Hex House has a pretty creepy history—so creepy the entire house was razed to the ground. Read more here.

Or, you can watch this video:

What did the Maple Ridge neighborhood look like in Tulsa? Well, according to this site, it hasn’t changed much.

Would you live in a haunted house?

Apparently, there’s a new house renovation show that takes houses with BAAADD histories and, well, cleans them up. Both physically and spiritually. Learn more about the upcoming Murder Flip House show here.