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If you lived in a haunted house for a brief time as a child, your spooky paranormal encounters probably began to fade from your mind as soon as you moved out of the house.

But you have a life to move on with.

What if something—or someONE—is still there, lurking in the darkness, just waiting for you to return?

Our very own host Becky tells the story of the one that still waits for her, today on Homespun Haints.

Listen now:

Episode Summary

It’s our 30th episode, so it’s our turn to tell one of our own stories. On this episode, Becky talks about a haunted house she lived in for the 3 months between high school and college, and the mischievous dead things that resided there with her.

The conversation then turns to some of Becky and Diana’s most horrifying experiences deep in the rural south, a place Becky calls home and Diana calls no-man’s land. Listen to two different perspectives on places time forgot, and watch out for man-eating cows.

Episode Show Notes

The Horror of Cows

Poor, innocent beasts that do little more than bask in the grass turn into man-eating beasts during the horrendous Florida storm discussed in this episode. But, as we point out, these are not ordinary cattle. They are long-horn cattle, and, as such, they look much scarier than they really are.

Cows as menacing creatures do pop up from time to time in history and literature. Hellcow, a Marvel character, is a vampire cow named Bessie who seeks revenge after Dracula kills and buries her. If you’re interested in really going down the vampire cow rabbit hole, you may enjoy this episode by 3 Spooked Girls. It tells of theories of an entire town infected with vampirism after feasting on vampire cow meat.

Hurricane Katrina

Diana and Becky both feel like they narrowly avoided getting stuck in Hurricane Katrina. Diana moved out of an apartment that backed right up to the levy by Lake Avenue in Metairie in May of 2005, skipping her own college graduation ceremony to move away to prepare for grad school. In February of 2005, just 6 months before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast, Becky and some other friends visited a college friend living in New Orleans.

During the visit, Becky’s resident friend mentioned how ill-prepared the city was for a Category 5 hurricane. He described how every creature, from human to rat, would be fighting over patches of flotsam to escape the storm. And he was absolutely correct. While Becky enjoyed her wedding ceremony in Chicago on August 27, 2005, Katrina wrecked havoc along the Gulf coast. 80% of the city of New Orleans flooded, and the hurricane obliterated nearby coastal parishes. The flooding continued all the way into north Georgia, ultimately causing the destruction of the haunted house at the core of this episode.

Until next time, have a spooky day!