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Many say that water can carry the memories of the dead and amplify their voices. Perhaps that’s what is going on along the banks of the Holston River, where the ghost of Rowena Ross still wanders in her wedding gown, or where Kingsport, Tennessee’s very own hellhound still howls in the nearby woods.

Of course, what is most terrifying about this river, besides its dangerous currents and ghostly visitors are the things, both living and dead, that reside under the water of the lakes it flows into. You’ll never think of the waterways of the East Tennessee Appalachians in the same way after you listen to the episode above. Would you swim in these waters, knowing what lies beneath?

The H Files

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Rotherwood Mansion

Primary source: Becky’s own memories of East Tennessee legends and folklore, dispensed during her youth in Kingsport, TN.

Ghost Energy
Becky picked up this lovely little book right as it was published.

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Things Living in Lakes

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