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Would you live in a cemetery? Not beside it, not near it, but IN it? Because that’s exactly what Amy, an art teacher in Tennessee, did for 2 years while she was in college. I mean, the rent wasn’t bad, and her neighbors laid low, and were for the most part pretty quiet. So, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode Summary

Amy moved into an apartment in the gatekeeper’s house of Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA while she was in college. She lived on the top floor, and her kitchen was in the turret.

Nothing happened until the night she broke into the cemetery with some friends, and then lied to the groundskeeper about losing a mythical cat as a way to get out of getting in trouble. But then, almost in response to her lie, a strange, feral cat appeared out of nowhere, and she had no choice but to keep the devilish thing until she moved.

Other things began to happen in her strange abode. I won’t give too many details away, but the stories involve chocolate pudding, kitchen cabinets, and a strange force who referred to himself as “The Admiral.” And, of course, there were the strange spirits inhabiting the lower floors who terrorized her guests as they bolted up the house’s staircase.

Today, Amy has her own podcast, Starling Creative Living, and it’s incredible.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve got to listen to hear the rest.

Episode Show Notes

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What is this Hollywood Cemetery?

Hollywood Cemetery is a beautiful, park-like graveyard outside of Richmond, VA, that does, yes, hold the graves of several dead presidents. You can take your family on a nice picnic there, you can arrange to have your mortal remains interred there, and, if you’re still alive, you can rent an apartment in this beautiful Victorian gatekeeper’s house on the grounds. Just don’t get upset if the neighbors get a little too close for comfort.

Hollywood Cemetery
The house of apartments, just inside the gates of Hollywood Cemetery

And, our guest this week actually lived in said house. On the top floor.

Hollywood Cemetery
Amy Markham, this week’s guest, in front of her graveyard abode

Want to see the cemetery for yourself? You can check out a virtual tour, or read about its haunted past.

What the hell is Dear David?

Oh, you haven’t heard of Dear David? Oh my, let us widen your horizons here. Dear David is a series of Twitter threads by Adam Ellis describing the ghost of a child haunting his apartment. Not too scary, right? Except this child, David, has a viciously malformed head (because it was bashed in during the horrendous accident that probably made him into a ghost). And, David wants to kill Adam.

Read the threads here.

Until next week, have a spooky day!


2 thoughts on “The woman who lived in a cemetery

  1. Ohhh, I feel so bad for her. You’re not supposed to interact with the demons or haunts. Or shadow people when you’re helpless. I know it’s called sleep paralysis, but it always feel evil. Studying different beliefs has led me to my own iron willed belief that it’s not clinical, it’s an interaction with something that is as close to pure evil or hate and envy and all the other of the big 7 combined. I’m so glad she is ok and I’m a little jealous of her getting to live there during college. My college, UNA, in North Alabama is haunted as heck And, of course, the main ones were in the Psychology building (which was my major). It’s the oldest of the buildings at the college, Wesleyan Hall but it’s called The Castle. Anyway just found your podcast and am totally bingeing. If your ever around north Alabama let me know and I’ll give you the low down on the Haunts of Florence. One of the few cities of money that Sherman didn’t burn. BUT the citizens had kidnapped his drummer boy to make sure he didn’t. Where was his headquarters??? Wesleyan Hall, where Sherman can be seen today or tonight…:

    1. Hi Pamala, glad you’ve found us and you’re enjoying the podcast! You have us intrigued about UNA. 🙂 -Becky

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