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What do growing up in a murdered guy’s attic; running away from home in a hexed minivan; wearing a spiritual chastity belt; having an incubus attachment, and being buried inside a mushroom have in common? These friends both had a malevolent attachment as teens. But, do they still?

Episode Summary

We all make stupid mistakes when we’re teenagers. Forgetting to turn off the lights when we leave a room. Making friends with demons. Accidentally pissing off a decades-dead witch. You know, the uzh. We talk to podcasters Amber and Maddie of Witches Talking Tarot who relay their paranormal teenage mistakes that forever changed their lives today, on Homespun Haints.

About the Guests Maddie and Amber of Witches Talking Tarot

Maddie grew up in a string of haunted houses and may have gotten an incubus attachment. Amber was a clairaudient teen runaway. Both of them are witches. The pair do on-air tarot readings and podcast “about tarot, the occult, cryptids, aliens, myths, and MANY other topics”. Like us, they’re not afraid to get weird. Here is their podcast in audio and video format. Enjoy! Be sure to keep up with their latest developments on Twitter @ClassiestWtches, Instagram @witchestalkingtarot, or Facebook.

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Episode Show Notes

Can an attachment be an incubus?

Maddie may have a scary supernatural attachment. It started when she was 13 and obsessed with Twilight. Even after growing up and moving out of her spooky house, she’s still having dreams of…something…sexy? Could a dream egg cleansing help? What about a spiritual chastity belt made of incense? A spiritual restraining order? It does seem this purported incubus is attempting to lure her back to her former home.

Would you get buried in a mushroom?

What is a mushroom coffin? Tune in this Thursday for a whole bonus episode on these fascinating new uber-eco-friendly burial options. In the meantime, have a spooky day!