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If you like real ghost stories, you’ll enjoy watching us as we contact the spirits haunting Becky’s workplace using a spirit board. Converted from a home built in 1813, this office is full of ghosts, and ghost stories. When our friend Jennifer (guest from Episode 2 and a Patreon Episode) spent time in this office, a ghost followed her home! In this video, she gives a little background into that story, as well as information on where this old-fashioned spirit board was purchased. And then, in the spirit of the real ghost stories we like to tell, we contacted this spirit—and other ghosts—using the board.

It’s a long video, so here are a few things of note in case you don’t get to finish it:

  • Several guests who watched this live heard the voices of women and children who were trying to talk over a man who was trying to keep them quiet. Do you hear these voices? Some people do, some people don’t.
  • We had a hard time getting specific names when we asked, but some of the same letters kept appearing. Afterward, we determined this was because there were so many spirits trying to talk to us and they were likely fighting over control of the planchette.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear someone whisper the name “Purdue” at around the 33:55 mark as we’re trying to figure out names.
  • We did get some very clear answers that scared the sh*t out of us! Watch us as we totally freak out!

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