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The haunted Read House Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee has a very famous ghost. But she’s not the only supernatural entity wandering around those parts. Becky’s family spent the night in this haunted hotel and got to meet this ghost and perhaps some others.

Episode Summary

Why can’t Becky and her husband agree on exactly what happened when they stayed the night at the Read House recently? Weren’t they both there hearing and seeing the same things? Was that ghostly sound just the air conditioner? And yet, despite being the professed skeptic of the family, why does Mr. Becky seem to get an equal – or perhaps even greater – amount of spectral attention?

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About the Guest, Becky

It’s our very own Becky, professional ghost stalker and ghost story teller, getting haunted AGAIN. Happy decaversary!

Who are the ghosts that haunt the Read House?

Our writer Kristy tells the story of Annalisa, the most famous of the Read House ghosts, plus some interesting history in this article. We hope you enjoyed all the sordid details Becky filled in in today’s episode.

Which room at the Read House is haunted?

Annalisa haunts room 311, the site of her tragic demise, and only room with bars on the windows. Room 311 isn’t usually available to the general public. Mainly because A. it’s part of the ghost tour, so it wouldn’t be very peaceful to stay in, and B. it’s so spooky and full of paranormal activity, that many guests can’t make it through the night.

But that changes during the month of October, when the room is opened up to overnight living guests for a very limited time, at $666.66 per night. Anybody wanna watch Becky and Diana attempt to spend the night in room 311? Hey, it might be in the cards soon! Follow us on social for updates.

Until next time, have a spooky day!