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What did you do for work when you were seventeen? Were you so excited to have a job that you would have put up with just about anything? Even ghosts?

What if this job was far away from family, friends, and civilization? What if, over time, you began to realize you were trapped there? That the narrow dirt road that led to your employer could at any time become impassable from falling rocks or snow, that one missed hour of work meant you wouldn’t be able to afford the gas needed to leave, and that, every night, when the lights went out, they may never come back on again?

Every ten episodes, we tell one of our own stories, and today, it’s Diana’s turn. Let’s hear her story about how she narrowly avoided joining the ghosts that haunted this isolated lodge in the mountains of Colorado.

Episode Show Notes

Pine Martens: Devils in the treetops

What is a pine marten? Diana describes them as fierce, horrible rabid weasels that could at any point jump out of the bare walls of her poorly-lit attic room and attack her at night. Supposedly they were responsible for the blood in the room that smelled like death.

Podcast Paranormal & Ghosts

But, what are pine martens REALLY like? Let’s hear from someone who actually loves these little devils.

Is Colorado really that haunted?

Um, did you read The Shining? In case you’ve been living under a rock, that book (and subsequent movies) were based on the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

But the Stanley isn’t the only super-duper haunted hotel in this Rocky Mountain state. While Diana‘s lodge of employment remains anonymous for this episode, you can go ahead and peruse this list of other openly haunted hotels. We’re particularly intrigued by ‘Bad Luck‘ hotel in Aspen.

That’s all for now! Until next week, have a spooky day!


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