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It’s our Season 1 Finale AND our 20th episode. Which means we’ve saved the best for last. We share our own spooky story about running a haunted art gallery. Ever had a painting stare back at you?

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Episode Summary

Homespun Haints’ very own Becky once owned and operated an art gallery located in a building haunted by the ghost of someone who just wanted to play. Unfortunately, art galleries aren’t playgrounds, and this little character wrecked so much havoc on the space that our co-host had to strategically arrange the art on the walls in such a way that it would not be bothered by the rambunctious entity.

Podcast About Hauntings & Ghosts
A view of the art gallery on opening day

Before the gallery owners knew what was going on, however, things were a bit creepy. Doors opened and shut on their own. Phantom construction sounds wafted through rooms that no longer existed. Only with the testimony of a paranormal investigator, and a search through the crawlspace under the gallery, did the owners finally understand what, and who, was going on.

Episode Show Notes

Oh did you think art was immune to hauntings? You thought wrong. You did see Velvet Buzzsaw, didn’t you? Well, this movie’s inspiration came from real events, and real artists.

Check out a list of the world’s most haunted paintings here. Some of these are so insidious that their owners gave them up after forking out gobs of money to own them.

It’s not just paintings that might possess a spirit or two. Check out a list of the world’s most haunted art museums. And, while you’re at it, take a look at this gallery for children that is made to look haunted. Creepy!

That’s all for now! Check back in December for our special holiday episode. Until next time, have a spooky day!


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