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Did a Shinto priest’s assistant really see two Kami enter the shrine on that warm, fine day? Or were they just ghosts joy-riding in a Cadillac?

Are bananas really that radioactive?

And why is purple hair so hard to maintain?

We attempt to answer these questions, and more, on today’s episode of Homespun Haints

Episode Show Notes

Shinto in America

Did you know there was a Shinto shrine in Washington state? It’s really quite stunning. Tim provided us with some nice photos that he took while he was there.

Shinto Priest
Tsubaki Grand Shrine in America
Shinto Priest

The strange beings Tim sees may be ghosts, they may be Kami. So, what are Kami? They exist in our world, they are deities of a sort, but they’re not omnipotent, nor are they perfect. So, maybe it’s possible they’d show up in a tan Cadillac. Who are we to attempt to understand these things?


Okay, so we learned a ton about bananas from Tim. A lot of stuff we couldn’t include in the episode. He was nice enough to provide an image of one of his banana facts.

And another.

But, Tim isn’t the only banana expert out there. Have you ever considered writing cute notes to your kids on bananas? This hilarious article outlines exactly how to do just that.

And, if you’d like to know what else is possible with fruit, check out this awkward fruit basket request.

Until next time, have a spooky day!