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Fellow podcaster Katie Groves talks about the spooky jerk ghost that came to stay with her after she accidentally haunted her own house.

Episode Summary

One night, 6 teen girls in Cookville, Tennessee, break out the Ouija board as a fun party trick. What ensues is far, far less fun. Not long after that, the doors in Katie’s house start opening on their own. At first, the scary happenings only occurred in her dad’s absence, while Katie was alone. But eventually he…and others…also witnessed some truly terrifying things.

Then, just when it’s been quiet long enough that everyone thinks the haunting is dormant, Katie starts recording a spooky podcast in the house. You can probably guess what happened next.

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Episode Show Notes

About Katie Groves

Katie co-hosts another spooky podcast called Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her! On the show, she and her co-host Zoe Knowlton take turns telling each other scary stories…sound familiar??? Also like Homespun Haints, their content is tinged with Southern motifs, as the hosts grew up in Central Tennessee. Also like us, they’re using their advanced STEM educations to bring you paranormal entertainment. Do you really need me to go on? Go check them out already!

Katie Groves spooky podcast co-host
Katie Groves, today’s guest and co-host of Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her!

You can also follow Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her! on Twitter and Instagram. And since this episode aired, Katie has joined us on a few different platforms, her stories are that good.

Can fighting family members cause a haunting?

Prickly interactions between a teenager and a parent are more normal than paranormal. But when there’s sincere negative energy between the generations, could that be enough to conjure whatever it was that Katie and her dad witnessed in their haunted house? Stay tuned for our follow-up Patreon episode to learn more about the family demons manifested in this episode.

There’s a MANUAL for Ouiji boards?!

Oh dear. We’ve used a Ouija board so many times…we had no idea there was an instruction manual. Here are the most recent instructions, according to Hasbro. The wikiHow community has a little more detail, in their always-making-the-bizarre-banal candor.

And, if you’re curious how these strange devices work (scientifically speaking), here’s a little video we put together:

This spooky podcast episode has time travel!

Apparently, bathrooms are a hot spot for hauntings and paranormal activity. Why? Well, no one (not even the experts) that we’ve talked to seem to have a definitive answer, but there are a lot of theories. We’ve compiled them together and created a great video to explain it all here. Also, learn more about Diana’s other haunted bathroom experiences in last season’s episode Teleporting with Toilets.

Until next time, have a spooky day!