What is an apparition? Can it be something you see plainly with your eyes, or can it be something you know is there, and you can see in your mind, even if your eyes are deceiving you? If you saw a full-body ghostly apparition in your home, would you move out? This is the predicament our guest today faced multiple times in multiple apartments. Is she cursed? Or does she just have bad luck in housing?

Episode Show Notes

The full-body apparition in Murfreesboro

Jennifer’s first encounter occurs in her apartment in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where she comes face to face with a full-body apparition. Apparently, this entire town is quite haunted, because even the local newspapers delight in posting stories about paranormal encounters.

Here is a story from the Daily News Journal. And here is a story from the Murfreesboro Post.

The haunted hostel in San Diego

Next, Jennifer relays a chance encounter with a pint-sized phantom at a hostel in California. She later found out that many sources consider this hostel to be one of the most haunted hostels in the world! For instance, see the list USA Hostels in San Diego made here. (It’s number 6!) Then, check out an older list where USA Hostels comes in at #4.

If you’ve ever stayed at this hostel, or encountered something spooky in Murfreesboro, please let us know! Post about it on our Facebook page!

Founders Cemetery, Roswell

We end the episode with a brief discussion of Becky’s nighttime visit to a haunted cemetery in Roswell, Georgia. Read more about that visit, and see other people’s photos of the ghost that Becky was trying to capture here.

We have a feeling this won’t be our last ghost podcast interview with Jennifer. She’s seen so many apparitions, and had so many spooky experiences. It’s almost like she can’t help but have a spooky day!