Do you believe there are forces outside what you can see and hear that have the power to heal your body? If so, what do these forces look like? Do they walk around like us, appear as ancient gods, and whisper into our dreams? Today, we speak with core shamanic practitioner and author, Dale Allen-Rowse, who has delved into the world beyond our world, and shares how he used automatic writing to find it before he had any formal training. And it’s all set to a disco beat. 

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About the Guest: Dale Allen-Rowse

This episode's guest, Dale Allen-Rowse, looking mysterious in a dark place while backlit by a white orb.

Dale is a shamanic practitioner who took the path less traveled into his practice. He grew up in a family divided into two estranged factions. As such, young Dale witnessed the contrasting worlds of stringent religious fundamentalism versus the comparatively liberated life of his Indigenous cousins on their ancestral land in British Columbia. His path wound onward—from ballet dancer, to professional theater performer, to real estate agent, to quilting cowboy—until a devastating medical diagnosis and a revelatory spiritual experience led him to discover he could channel books on shamanism through automatic writing.

You’re definitely going to want to check out his spiritual (disco) journey at Diana could really relate to the raw and vulnerable evolution he shows in his videos. His videos cover topics such as personal evolution, spiritual energy work, core shamanism, manifesting, and evolving.

Once you see his videos and get to know him, you’ll likely want to read some of his channeled works of fiction. You can find all of his books (including the one that just came out as of this writing) through his Amazon author page, or purchase signed copies from his website

What is Shamanism?

Dale tells us that shamanism is a large umbrella term for many spiritual practices. He lists communicating with the dead, channeling information, animal tracking, and ancient songs and drumming as some of the inherent supernatural skills that lead people to seek training as a shamanic practitioner.

Formal shamanic practitioner school focuses on training in the core principles of shamanism, gathered from around the world. Dale tells us he thinks everyone has a gift, his just happens to be Automatic Writing.

What is Automatic Writing?

Dale describes automatic writing as using his keyboard like a Ouija board. Here on Homespun Haints, we’ve spoken to other guests who’ve experienced automatic writing or automatic drawing. We’ve even tried automatic writing ourselves.

Dale considers automatic writing to be his inherent shamanic gift. He was surprised when he sat down to write a novel, and what came out was a piercing look into the nature of core shamanism. Dale had no formal training when he wrote the book, yet the accuracy of his writing was corroborated by a seasoned shamanic practitioner.

A Power Stack of Entities

In core shamanism training, students learn to work with their allies in the spirit world, as guides and protectors. These include a spirit animal, a body regulator, a regulator of material objects, and the Angel of Neutrality. He tells us that shamanic practitioners cannot hold opinions on world issues; it’s too costly to the soul. Especially so in 2020.

Dale’s body regulator resembles an Egyptian god; half-bird, half-man. He thought that entity was a private thing only he could communicate with. So he was understandably blown away when a 16-year-old reiki practitioner was also able to communicate with his body regulator at their first session. This experience led him to explore a concept he calls “the off-grid.” We’ll delve into that in the second half of his story.

To be continued….join us next week for the next half:

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