In a sharp left turn from our normal true ghost stories, today Diana shares a personal story about travelling through portals in bathrooms of haunted houses! It’s our 40th episode, so in celebration, we tell one of our own stories. On today’s episode, co-host Diana talks about a strange encounter she had as a child while spending the night in a haunted museum.

Episode Summary

Being a kid is tough. Being a nerdy art kid staying the night in a haunted museum is even tougher. Diana didn’t know some of the haunted history of the Gilcrease Museum grounds when she started volunteering there as a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the strange thing she saw when she was all alone, at night. Click on the sound player above to listen.

Episode Show Notes

The Gilcrease Museum

The Gilcrease Museum is an art museum focusing on Native American art, founded by Thomas Gilcrease who has his house, and his tomb, on the same grounds as the building that now houses the museum.

Gilcrease himself, a man who became a wealthy oil baron at quite a young age, garnered quite a reputation for his philanthropy and art collection. We discuss him at length in the episode, but if you’d like an overview, take a look at the museum’s history page at

And, if you’d like to see the map of the grounds that Diana references in the episode, you can find it here.

Bathroom Portals

So, we admit we get a little wacky in this episode. Inter-dimensional portals that somehow appear in bathrooms? Running into trees in our living room? We swear we were sober when we recorded this.

We do have some vindication, however. In the past few decades, more and more physicists have entertained the idea that there are invisible portals that connect different dimensions, magnetic fields, and worlds. We just have a hard time seeing them.

In 2011, Harvard professor Lisa Randall published a book, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, where she describes unseen extra dimensions that exist alongside our own. Smithsonian has a great article about it.

If these dimensions exist, then can they be accessed? Perhaps through black holes, explains Now. Or, more interestingly, perhaps we already know where some of them are. At least, in the case of magnetic portals, as described by this study from NASA.

And, let’s not forget about the blog in London that attempts to document inter-dimensional portals that its residents keep bumping into.

But why do this podcast’s hosts seem to fall into these portals while in the bathroom? What do you think?

One thing’s for sure; falling off the potty into a bathroom portal in a haunted house is a surefire way to have a spooky day.