On today’s episode, co-host Diana tells yet another story about her haunted bathroom’s portals, but this time, she’s actually got a glimpse inside the matrix; this episode is even more disgusting than you expect it to be.

Episode Summary: Disgusting Paranormal Stories

For years, Becky has given Diana shit about the haunted mirror she purchased at a yard sale and then recklessly hung in an energetically charged bathroom. But the story she tells me today tops every bizarre thing that has happened to her since she brought that cursed mirror home and put it over the potty. I’m still scratching my head about this story, and I really hope that you, dear Hainted Love, can help us figure out what the hell she saw in the mirror.

ghost in a mirror is part of our disgusting paranormal stories today
Diana did not see a ghost in the mirror this time, but something far, far weirder.

Dare to question your own reality? Listen to today’s episode for some black humor about the black hole within the black mirror over the blackwater in Diana’s haunted bathroom.

Episode Show Notes About Gross Haunted Bathroom Stories

Another Paranormal Story about Bathroom Portals

It might be too late now, but if you haven’t heard the prelude to this story, go check out the original toilet teleportation story. This has been happening to Diana since she was a tween. Nowadays they don’t disturb her as much as they once did. But she’s still quite bamboozled as to the nature of these experiences, and what they mean.

As a reminder, in the past few decades, more and more bonafide physicists have entertained the idea that there are invisible portals that connect different dimensions, magnetic fields, and worlds. We just have a hard time seeing them. In 2011, Harvard professor Lisa Randall published a book, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. In it, she describes unseen extra dimensions that exist alongside our own. Smithsonian has a great article about it.

Black hole seen in Diana's black mirror in this episode about disgusting paranormal stories
Artist’s rendering of what Diana saw

Black Holes and White Holes

If these extra dimensions exist, then can they be accessed? Perhaps through black holes, explains Now. Or, more interestingly, perhaps we already know where some of them are. At least, in the case of magnetic portals, as described by this study from NASA.

According to some, a wormhole could exist between a black and a white hole. These could be “portals,” in a sense. They bend light. They mess with time. You know, basically that weird shit Diana saw in her haunted bathroom mirror. Hey, it’s a theory, at least! What’s yours?!

My Paranormal Period: a Traumatic Potty Story

Dear God, it’s Diana, and I want to know, why can’t I have a normal haunting experience like all my friends? How come when I have paranormal experiences, they tend to involve toilets and bodily fluids? Will I ever learn to shut my mouth before jokes about menstruating ectoplasm come out of it? Hainted Loves, we are continuously amazed and grateful that you stick with us despite our filthy dirty potty mouths and all the disgusting and only vaguely paranormal stories we tell.

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Diana popping out of toilet to accompany disgusting paranormal stories
Diana has a lot of hauntings involving toilets.

But why does Diana keep falling into these portals while in the bathroom? Would you buy this haunted mirror full of portals and hang it in your home? What room would you put it in? Would you attempt to trap people in it? Would you attempt to seal it off so nothing comes out of it? Whatever happens with it, it’s guaranteed to cause a spooky day!