Why do we see faces in the mirror that aren’t our own? Have you ever played the game “Bloody Mary,” and then seen Mary herself? There is a very scientific reason behind what you saw. In today’s episode, we explore why our brains make us see the strange things we do, what it means to see faces where faces don’t exist, and what it’s like to be face-blind.

Then, we talk about how mirrors are actually pan-dimensional portals that cause spirits to get trapped. Because that’s how we roll.

Listen now, and learn about how our brains manifest and reveal the monster within, today, on The H-files, brought to you by Homespun Haints!

The H Files

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Mirror Gazing and Depression


Origins of Bloody Mary




Mirror Gazing and Seeing Things

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What is Pareidolia?




What is Prosopagnosia, or being Face-blind?