Allison has a plethora of true ghost stories from haunted places in Chicago she lived at, and what she’s about to share with you on this spooky ghost streaming podcast will send chills down your spine.

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Episode Summary

Some people call it “The Gift.” Others call it mediumship, sensitivity, or “being open.” However you call that ability to see those things that most people can’t see, one thing is for sure—it’s a gift that’s really hard to get rid of. Our guest, Allison, learned the hard way that she can’t run away from the strange things haunting her home, because they seem to always find her, no matter where she goes.

Our guest Allison, who shares her true Chicago ghost stories on our podcast episode.
Allison, our storyteller for Episode 66 and a valued patron of our show

Our episode begins with Allison’s childhood home, a multi-generational, haunted greystone building in Logan Square, Chicago. Once Allison moved across the street to another building, she found a whole new set of ghosts waiting for her there. But what was most surprising was when Allison learned her parents knew all about her abilities because of things that happened before she could remember.

In fact, as a young adult, Allison toured a new house in Norwood Park, and she just knew something was wrong with the place. Her fears were validated when her parents told her they took her to that haunted Chicago house as a “test” of her sensitivity to ghosts.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of this episode. To hear all the true Chicago ghost stories that Allison has to share, you’ll just have to listen to the episode.

Haunted Places Outside of Chicago Mentioned in this Episode

Seeing Einburgh Vaults, AKA the Scottish Catacombs

The Edinburgh Vaults are the most haunted location in Scotland. In these spooky catacombs, our guest Allison encountered a half-body apparition of the famous Mr. Boots, who is also encountered in a Ghost Adventures episode.

The famous and mystical Calton Hill in Edinburgh is also the location of the Samhain Fire Festival. This festival is returning for the first time since before the pandemic in October, 2021.

A Childhood Visit to Auschwitz

Allison describes the awful feeling she experienced when, at age 11, she took a summer trip to Poland and toured Auschwitz. Her experiences are similar to the scary ghost stories of our guest and spiritual medium Annie Larson from Episode 56.

What does it mean when proximity to a specific place causes physical symptoms to manifest? There are many blog posts available that state people will often experience intense headaches or migraines when they go through a spiritual awakening.

In other words, when someone who is sensitive to spiritual energy comes in contact with an abundance of that energy, their crown chakra will go on overdrive (or third eye chakra or root chakra, depending on who you ask). Headaches ensue as a result of that energy overload.

That may be one explanation. Or, perhaps Allison and others like her can empathically sense the stress and anguish of the trapped souls in an area, leading to physical symptoms? What do you think really happened on that day long ago in Poland? Either way, just thinking about it might cause you to have a spooky day!