Angela Hartshorn of Denver, Colorado, creator of My Haunted Life Podcast, tells us some chilling personal paranormal stories. From her first astounding premonition to the ghost who nearly punched her skeptical boyfriend, growing up in a haunted house primed Angela with a fascination with all things spooky.

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Personal paranormal stories from Colorado

What would it take for your parents to believe that your childhood friend is actually a ghost? Would growing up in a haunted house lead you to fear entities from the other side, or would you go chasing after them, even voluntarily sleep in the same rooms as them?

Today’s guest is an artisan, a podcaster, and a ghost hunter, and her thirst for knowledge of the unseen began when a little ghost girl started braiding her hair.

About our guest: Angela Hartshorn of My Haunted Life

Angela Hartshorn, who shares her personal paranormal stories from Colorado
The guest, Angela Hartshorn

Angela Hartshorn of My Haunted Life Podcast loves finding things. You might find her gently paging through old newspapers, avidly researching her latest curiosity. But she also loves making things. Angela is a spooky haberdasher and seamstress. She has a lovely collection of witchy hats and fine leather hair accessories called Hart and Horn Wearable Art and Witchery. She also sells some of her hats and hairslides through a friend’s shop in Colorado Springs, Cronk Art and Curiosities.

Spirit Communication tea we purchased from Angela and used aboard the RMS Queen Mary

Much to our delight, we stumbled across the Hart and Horn shop display at Midsummer Scream last week in Long Beach, CA, where we were able to corner her and coerce this interview out of her. And we think you’ll be glad that we did, Hainted Loves, because hoo boy, does Angela have some eerie personal paranormal stories. If these beauties aren’t enough for you, go follow My Haunted Life Podcast on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, and/or Facebook for more.

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Haunted places in Colorado and California mentioned in this episode

Ghosts named John on the RMS Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a permanently docked luxury cruise liner from the 1930s that is now a haunted hotel in Long Beach, CA. The ship itself boasts 600 ghosts, a lot of whom seem to be named John. Two ghosts named John (John Pedder and John MacKenzie) died nearly a decade apart by being crushed in two by the watertight Door 13. Both ghosts hang around that door and grab women’s butts.

John Henry was a welder whose body was found around the time of the Depression during the boat’s construction. His ghost also likes the ladies and hangs around what is now the Green Room. And Captain John Treasure Jones who can still be seen around the bridge. He’s not known as frisky, however.

The Bow of the Queen Mary at night

Of course, yours trulies are no strangers to staying in haunted hotels or on haunted boats, so we thoroughly enjoyed swapping stories with Angela about our experiences on the Queen Mary.

Diana trying out the bed in the notoriously haunted room B-340

Stay tuned for more about the haunted Queen Mary, including Amber’s strange experience in the engine room, where she had a spooky day!