Welcome to the Homespun Haints podcast, where we interview guests who’ve seen ghosts! In this interview, a musician and comedian reveals he’s been haunted by a ghost that steals things from him, dresses in a cowl-hooded robe and scurries around his bed at night.

Episode Summary

Adam Macias is a podcaster, musician, and comedian. As a child, his home may have had an unseen squatter—after he experienced strange things in his room, he started to change his outlook on the world.

As an adult, this bizarre unwanted roommate—be it ghost, demon, or poltergeist—apparently followed him. How does he know this? Besides the fact that the ghost keeps stealing things? Listen to find out!

Episode Show Notes

About Adam Macias

Adam is co-host of the Finger Guns Comedy podcast, available on all podcast platforms. You can follow the podcast on Facebook at @gofingerguns or on Instagram at @gofingerguns.

Adam also performs as half of a music-comedy duo known as Smooch. If you’re in the LA area, be sure to check them out once the apocalypse is over. Head over to Facebook for a list of upcoming performances or follow them on Instagram at @smooch69.

To follow Adam directly, check him out on Instagram at @adamrmac.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Your mind is awake, but your body is still asleep. Your eyes are open, but you cannot move. Terrified by your immobility, you start to feel as if someone else is in the room. Someone who may sit on your chest, or hold your arms against your sides. The longer you lay there, the more you are certain the weight you feel is a demon holding you down, preparing to do something awful. You try to scream, but at most you’re only able to squeak out a moan. And then, suddenly, you’re able to break free, and the demon is gone.

This common sleep disorder occurs a lot in our shows. It’s a real medical condition, and, according to sleep literature, there are steps you can take to avoid it if you often fall victim to it. According to the medical community, the “demon” people feel, see, or hear is merely hallucination.

We have had several guests with sleep paralysis stories; what we find interesting is that some of these stories involve encounters with entities while the storyteller was wide awake and not even in a state of paralysis (The Hat Man and The Haunted Darkroom), when multiple people in the same building experienced the sleep paralysis demon at the same time, or when the storyteller was ejected from her own body and observed herself being possessed (The Woman Who Lived in Hollywood Cemetery). These encounters don’t seem to fit within the explanation of sleep-induced hallucinations because the observer was either not asleep, shared the experience with others, or wasn’t really paralyzed.

Like these other stories, Adam’s encounters with the sleep paralysis demon occurred after other strange things began happening in his house.

But, of course, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Do ghosts steal things from you?

What do you think, is it possible for spirits to steal things from the living? For example, our friends who run the haunted jail have trouble with spectral inmates swiping anything with a blade off of one particular table. Do you have a personal paranormal experience like this? If so, apply here to tell it on the Homespun Haints podcast!

Until next time, have a spooky day!