Mel of ¡Ay Ghost Mio! Podcast gives us a peek at modern Latin American spirituality practices while recounting her haunted adventure at the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles.

Episode Summary

Anywhere we go, we visit, or we move to can be haunted. But sometimes it’s healthy to think of the ghost as a houseguest that has just outstayed their welcome, and we are here to help them pack their bags.

Our guest today has had multiple run-ins with angry spirits. Some she accepts; others, she’s found a way to negotiate with. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration from her stories if you, too, find yourself staying in a haunted room.

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About the Guest, Mel Trahan

Like you, Mel is a big fan of paranormal storytelling podcasts. After a personal supernatural experience, she wondered, where were the Latin American voices in this genre? Finding inspiration in podcasts like Lore and Stories by Sapphire, Mel started producing ¡Ay Ghost Mio! in 2021.

Photo of Mel Trahan, whose podcast ¡Ay Ghost Mio! focuses on Latin American Spirituality
Melissa Trahan, host of ¡Ay Ghost Mio!

When she’s not podcasting, Mel is a software tester at NASA. She recently got to participate in the Artemis launch from within the firing room.

Follow Mel on Instagram and TikTok to see all her adventures, both in Latin American Spirituality and in her day-to-day life.

Episode Show Notes

What is an Egg Cleansing in Latin American Spirituality?

This isn’t the first time a guest has brought up this practice. Here’s a little more info about what an egg cleansing is within the context of Santeria.

Modern Spiritual Latina Tarot

Apparently, some people take multiple tarot decks with them on short trips. People like Mel. And Becky. And thank goodness Mel did, because the various tarot decks saved her butt from…what was that oppressive presence there at the hotel?

The Haunted Hotel Figueroa

Hotel Figueroa was LA’s first woman-owned hotel (originally a YWCA) for women travelling alone. It has been haunted ever since a tragedy Mel recounts in this episode. The staff claim that the renovations scared the ghosts off. But Mel’s personal experience begs to differ. The ghost of Cecilia certainly has cause to stick around, based on the story we hear in this episode.