A haunted Florida woman shares experiences of seeing shadow figures, poltergeist activity, and possibly an elemental on ancestral Lakeland land in central Florida.

Episode Summary: A Haunted Florida Woman and her Ancestral Land

Ancestral ties run deep in the land that housed our predecessors. Blood mixes with soil, soul mixes with the air, and our lifeforce breathes into the green growth spurting out from the ground.

But what if we have to share our ancestral land with creatures from another dimension? How can we coexist with such entities? And how do we physically look to one another?

These are the questions our co-host Becky (a haunted Florida woman herself, in a way) had to face when recently visiting her family in Lakeland, Florida. Becky’s ancestors first dug a well in this sun-hardened soil in 1922. But it seems something that’s been on the land far longer than Becky’s family is still hanging around, causing mischief.

AI-generated transcript of this episode available upon request.

Episode Show Notes about the haunted Florida woman’s ancestral home

The original home standing in Lakeland inspired this podcast’s very first artwork. Becky knew the home was haunted long before the podcast began, so naturally the house built in 1922 and home to generations of her family seemed a fitting image for the first Homespun Haints website.

The outbuildings and windmill still stand on the old Lakeland property, but the house has been rebuilt.

Even though Becky’s aunt and uncle knocked down the original house and built a new one on top of its original foundation, ghosts still lurk around the old walls. Becky, her aunt, her cousin, and her cousin’s children have all seen strange entities flitting around the walls. Perhaps all the antique dolls and other antiques around the house have something to do with it.

The room Becky stayed in, where both she and her Aunt recently saw a shapeshifter, is lined with antique dolls.

At one point, Becky brought out her SLS meter and took a look at the antique dolls.

Becky’s SLS camera had a field day with those dolls.

Or, perhaps, the land is just haunted. By more than just ghosts.

Whatever the case, we want you to make your own opinions after you listen to Becky tell her story on the episode below. Until next time, have a spooky day!