Technically, Everyone’s a Shaman

Tammy doesn’t go to haunted houses or ghost hunts on purpose, because she’s a scaredy cat. When she turned 44, however, she began consciously hearing and seeing spirits everywhere. That’s when she truly realized her life’s purpose: to be a healer. Her mother and youngest daughter have similar inherited gifts, although Tammy believes everyone has the capacity to develop clairvoyance. And John Lennon might be just the celebrity ghost to help you do so.

A photo showing a pair of human legs with feet in water, and an eerie, spooky baby doll in the scene. The water has a red tint, creating a sinister atmosphere. The baby doll should have an unsettling appearance, with pale, cracked skin, hollow eyes, and a menacing expression. The overall scene should evoke a sense of horror and unease.
Sensory deprivation and hauntings probably shouldn’t mix. Good thing Tammy can clear the space with confidence!

Here is part one of our interview with Tammy. In this episode, she discusses her famous dead friends and her journey into mediumship, along with the haunting of her float center.

Then, listen to part two, where she tells us her experiences with shamanism, soul retrieval, and witch contracts.

About the Guest: Tammy Doublin

Tammy Doublin of Michigan practices as a contemporary shaman and psychic medium, and much more. More info about her practice is available at Follow her adventures on FB @TammyDoublin and IG If you live nearby, you can check out the float center Tammy talks about in this episode: Motor City Float in Clawson, MI. It’s not actually full of blood.

Tammy Doublin, healer, shaman, and medium.

Ghosts of Celebrities

Ok, so the title is a little bit of hyperbole, because I suppose Jesus isn’t technically a ghost…but this story really got us wondering. Why do spirit guides tend to be ghosts of celebrities? Tammy tells us the first spirit she spoke to besides her son was John Lennon. Bob Marley, Prince, and Kurt Cobain soon joined her posse, and Jesus follows her around her house now for unknown reasons. All 6 of these figures continue to have a constant spirit guide type of presence in her life. When Diana heard this, the first thing she thought of was the Sheryl Crow lyric “She knows Jesus, John Lennon, and Cobain personally.”

It’s not all fun and games, though, channeling famous ghosts. Tammy has also spoken with infamous ghosts. Specifically, she has channeled notorious bad guys Charles Manson and Ted Bundy.

The ghosts of 3 celebrities that Tammy channels: Jesus, John Lennon, and Bob Marley.
We found a rare photo of Jesus, John Lennon, and Bob Marley rocking away in Bethlehem in the ’60s

Are celebrities more likely to come back as ghosts?

We ourselves have noticed that it seems a lot more ghosts of famous people purportedly haunt public spaces. These specific celebrities appear quite a bit, although none of them were known (in life) for a passionate drive to communicate with the dead, or prove the existence of ghosts. Of all the people who have died on this planet, surely the percentage of hauntings attributed to celebrities wouldn’t naturally be so high?

Also, average ghosts tend to be seen mainly at one place, whereas celebrity ghosts are sometimes said to haunt various places simultaneously. Tammy herself says that the ghost of John Lennon gets around more than other spirits. In other words, he has ongoing (we’re guessing open) relationships with a lot of different mediums.

How can the ghost of a celebrity haunt two places at once?

We can think of many hypotheses that could explain this phenomenon.

For one, if ghosts can appear differently to different people, perhaps random ghosts tend to impersonate dead celebrities for attention. Perhaps we shouldn’t ask “why is Cobain so interested in ME,” but instead “what is it about me that these entities feel I’m more receptive to them if they appear as Cobain?”

On the other hand, if these really truly are ghosts of deceased celebrities, perhaps their ubiquity changes the way we think about the nature of ghosts. What if ghosts are actually somehow more visible if the person looking recognizes them? Or, what if ghosts are created or strengthened through acts that people place value on? Perhaps ghosts can haunt the location where they were most loved, instead of where they died? Celebrities are so widely beloved, that they might haunt many places.

Guardian Angel Appearance

Tammy sees them as black-hooded beings. We’ve heard a guardian angel described as looking like Popeye the Sailor Man (unlikely that was a celebrity ghost). A few of our guests who are mediums describe guardian angels as standing to one particular side in their visions. What do your guardian angels look like?

Repeating patterns that belie a haunting

Does painting your walls red or black attract ghosts?

Tammy tells us that a shocking amount of haunted houses have walls painted red or black. She says that sometimes, even if the walls haven’t been intentionally painted these colors, there’s a random red or black handprint on the wall somewhere. Diana’s bedroom walls have been red at 3 different times in her life, twice with a black ceiling. Do you think that could explain why Diana has so many ghost stories? Perhaps it does make sense, as these paint colors would be an extreme contrast to haint blue paint, which can repel ghosts.

Haunted houses also seem to have purple flowers in winter. Tammy interprets these purple flowers as symbols that she is currently where she belongs. Another thing Tammy sees repeating in several haunted houses is the negative faded space on a wall where a crucifix once hung. Do you think it’s the act of removing a crucifix, the nature of people who would hang a crucifix and then remove it, or simply the absence of iconography in general that results in the haunting?

Not that correlation necessarily implies causation. Maybe it’s the other way around, and ghosts cause the living to prefer red walls without crucifixes on them. Who can say for sure?

What is a witch contract? 

Tammy told us a story about a client whom she released from a witch contract. A witch contract may refer to a pact or agreement made between a witch and a supernatural entity, often for the exchange of services or power. In historical witch trials, accusations often included claims that the accused had made a pact with the devil. In the cases Tammy described, these contracts might be residual from past lives or the Akashic Records. 

The concept of a witch contract appears in various forms across folklore, mythology, literature, and media. Some common themes are exchange of power with a spirit/demon/deity, loyalty pact with a familiar, or placing a curse in exchange for a boon. One of the most common things traded by the witch is her soul. This creates a problem: the soul of the witch (or her descendant, or perhaps a person she reincarnates into) is stuck in the underworld, while the body remains on the earthly plain. The soul requires a shaman of sorts to retrieve it from that spooky place.

How to do a soul retrieval journey as a burgeoning shaman

Fortunately, Tammy tells us that everyone is a shaman, technically. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to begin teaching yourself to do what she calls soul retrieval. In the second half of her interview, Tammy gives us some tips on how to train and prepare for this paranormal activity.

  • Seek guidance from another experienced shaman or soul retrieval expert. Tammy skipped this step, possibly because she’s a natural intuitive and felt self-education would be satisfactory.
  • Remain open-minded and meditate (Tammy used chakra music from YouTube) and wonder about the meaning of the things that come to mind. Drumming or chanting might help. Here is the audio clip of Tammy drumming that she mentioned in the second episode.
  • Go on a journey for your own healing first. In this case, “journey” refers to a meditative trance. It can take one anywhere, from the inside of someone’s body to the Underworld.
  • After successfully healing yourself, you can begin doing journeys for the benefit of others.

Do YOU communicate with the ghosts of dead celebrities?

Are your ghosts famous? Is your home painted red and haunted by dead celebrities? Do you have any personal experiences that would clarify why celebrity ghosts get around so much? PLEASE apply to come on Homespun Haints and explain it to us; we’re dying to know so we can have a spooky day!

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Switchbacks on our road trip route to Chimney Rock, NC, from Google Maps.