Becky continues to see the same pale man appearing in her home and in her car. Listen to her give the few clues she has about this strange pale man, and see if you have any idea who or what he could be. What do you think it is in this ghost attachment story?

Episode Show Notes

Becky’s first encounter with the Pale Man, as she’s starting to call him, began years ago. At first she thought he was the former owner of her 40-year-old home; after purchasing the home she learned he had possibly died on the property. But after talking to mediums, Tarot readers, and other sensitive friends, she’s convinced he’s someone who perhaps knew her in the past.

And, after doing some automatic writing exercises with Diana on this episode, she thinks he may be something sinister.

Some odd words popped up when Becky tried the automatic writing experiment.

We provide the few clues we have. Do you have any theories? Let us know on our Facebook group at

Diana’s haunted basement

Diana has been dealing with a haunted basement for nearly 40 years. And in this episode, she shares the latest strangeness occurring in her home. Catch the full play-by-play of her basement ghost story here.

Diana on the basement stairs
Little Diana slinking down her basement stairs like a cheery Samara

The few clues we can provide in this ghost attachment story:

The figure appears as a pale, white man, perhaps in his forties, perhaps older. He has blonde or white hair. Becky and others have seen him hanging out in a particular corner of her bedroom. When people try to talk to him, he won’t say who he is; he’ll only smile.

The Pale Man sometimes rides in the back of Becky’s car, but most recently she saw him sitting at the edge of her sofa in her living room. If she asks him to leave, he will. But he always comes back.

Listen to the episode for more hints and clues, and learn what Diana discovers when she tries to communicate with the entity. Should Becky be scared?

Until next time, have a spooky day!