After years of her parents waking her up at night to tell her about ghosts they saw, Abby made a career of travelling to Illinois’ haunted cemeteries. Jealous?

Episode Summary: Haunted Cemeteries of Illinois

Do you like cemeteries? Do you ever worry something might follow you home from a cemetery? Or have you ever wished that something would?

Meet Abby, a paranormal investigator and vlogger from Illinois who spends a considerable amount of time in haunted cemeteries, and has spooky experiences as a result. Hear her stories, today on Homespun Haints 

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About the Guest, Abby of Mysteries of the Past and Present

Abby is the creator and star of the YouTube channel Mysteries of the Past & Present. Keep up with her haunted cemetery travels around Illinois on IG: @mystery_past_present or TikTok: @Mystery0279.

She works with Maybe it’s Spiritual Podcast and Karly (of the Village Tarot Witch). She recommended following Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery of Illinois on YouTube since they actually talk about their hauntings openly. Say happy birthday to her ghost hunting cat, Smokey!

Abby, who explores haunted cemeteries of Illinois
Our guest Abby of Mysteries of the Past and Present

Show Notes Exploring Illinois’ Haunted Cemeteries and More

What are Mandela effects?

The human memory is quite flawed, and we often remember things very differently from how they happened. For example, you’ve probably noticed how Diana misquotes just about everybody on the show. When one person convinces another to believe their false or delusional memories, it’s called a folie à deux. But what about when many people who have never met seem to share the same false memory? When many unrelated people remember a certain event happening a specific way, but it never actually happened, that’s a Mandela effect. Similarly, when many people recall seeing a specific detail about something that’s actually false.

The simplest way to define a Mandela effect is as a collective false memory. The term was coined by author and ghost hunter Fiona Broome, after a group of presenters at DragonCon agreed they could recall the funeral of Nelson Mandela being televised in the 1990’s, when in fact president Mandela died in 2013. She was intrigued enough to found and manage a website dedicated to the phenomenon, Over the years, her website collected about 15 books worth of recountings of these collective distorted memories.

Where are these haunted cemeteries Abby is investigating around Illinois?

Would you visit these haunted cemeteries in Illinois?

What is your favorite cemetery? Should we make a special trip just to visit haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery since Becky was too chicken when she lived in Illinois? If we do, we’ll likely have quite a spooky day.