Homespun Haints is a podcast of true, first-hand paranormal stories out of Atlanta, GA. So we were so happy to meet fellow Atlantans, Melanie and Mollie of Storytime with Mom & Me. They just also happen to host their own Atlanta-based storytelling podcast! So when we found out that they ALSO shared our love, fascination, and experience with paranormal encounters, we just had to have them on our show.

Episode Summary

How can you tell if a ghost is nice? Or enjoys long walks in the woods? Or is fashionable?

Our guests today, a mother-daughter duo, have several ghost stories to share. Some of the ghosts are nice, and some aren’t. But one interesting ghost has a very particular way he likes to dress.

Episode Show Notes

About the Guests, Atlanta-Based Podcasters Melanie and Mollie

Today’s guests are the mother-daughter duo of Melanie and Mollie. If you’re wondering what are the other best Atlanta based true story podcasts out there, wait ’til you hear this. Together, Melanie and Mollie host a podcast called Storytime with Mom & Me. And they are as funny and mystical as we aspire to be. But their show features down-to-earth stories on all kinds of subjects. Independently, Melanie (mom) is into fair trade crystals. Mollie (daughter) is an astrologer and the oracle reader of Jalisa’s Palace.

Atlanta podcast hosts
Molly (left) and Melanie (right), the mother daughter guests on today’s show

Mystical ways to keep in touch with friends

Mollie and Melanie have some interesting ways that they use to keep in touch with friends. Personally, we like texts, Facebook, and Instagram (because we’re Gen Xers and can’t seem to find anyone on MySpace anymore for some reason). Our guests take communication in an entirely different direction. She has been known to use:

  • The Ouija board, with friend Istepi. But, to be fair, she’s really only communicated with Istepi through the Ouija board. Istepi might not be alive.
  • Telekinesis or poltergeist activity with “friend” Vackie. Unfortunately, Mollie was on the receiving end only, since Vackie is incorporeal. This “imaginary friend” used to lock Mollie in her childhood bedroom. Vackie also pushed Mollie down the stairs once.
  • Telepathy with friend C.G. who, unlike the above, is corporeal.

Thank you for listening to our little indie Atlanta-based paranormal podcast!

We’re so glad the word is getting out locally. If you’re also in Atlanta, let us know how you found our podcast in the comments, or by connecting with us on social @homespunhaints.

Until next time, have a spooky day!