Can a real demon possession happen to average guys? William Walker has led an interesting life full of ghostly encounters, angel sightings, and yes, some real possessions by a demon.

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Episode Summary

William grew up in a rural town in Oklahoma’s panhandle. The son of an iron scrapper, William could have led a perfectly ordinary life, if the ghosts had let him. However, in this sleepy town, the ghosts are anything but restful. They want someone to notice that they’re there. And that someone was William.

On this episode, William takes us way back to childhood to tell us a story about his haunted travel trailer. We hear about William’s time at Tulsa Job Corps in 2013, and the impromptu informal exorcism that resulted. And exactly who (or what) was responsible for saving his life in that near-fatal accident?

William tells us of a real demon possession
William Walker, Bigfoot enthusiast, friend to ghost, and our episode’s guest

About the Guest William Walker

Today’s guest is a native of Wenoka, Oklahoma, AKA the Dust Bowl, AKA the harsh and lonely Oklahoma Panhandle. He currently resides near Diana’s stomping grounds, in the Tulsa Metro area. He dreams of owning a ranch, he even has a name for it: Walker’s Ridge. With William being a self-proclaimed “Big Foot enthusiast,” we’re really looking forward to seeing what types or creatures he will raise on his ranch.

Did Tulsa Job Corps campus used to be an asylum?

This isn’t the first dormitory demon we’ve heard about on this show, but it’s definitely the most explicit. We are having a devil of a time finding any details about the history of this building. Please drop us a line if you know any details.

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What is a Black mirror?

We actually have a Patreon episode about how to make and scry with black mirrors. Becky advises against it, but you know you wanna. Also, we saw black mirrors for sale in the Nickerson-Sneed House gift shop.

If a haunted travel trailer moves, does the ghost go with it?

Let’s turn this question around for a second. When you hear a brand new house is haunted, isn’t your first thought “maybe it was built on an ancient burial ground”? Yeah, of course, what else could it be? So when you have a haunted travel trailer, it HAS to be the land it’s on…right?

What do you think, have you ever experienced a haunted mobile home? We’d love for you to tell that story on our next episode, submit to be on the show now!

Who was the 12 foot tall ram-horned man in William’s dream?

Although William was pretty certain he wasn’t the devil, or The Hat Man, he was still pretty scary. Oh, and he also appeared in his friend’s dream, because that’s definitely normal. When the creature said “tonight” what did that mean? We’re bamboozled. What do you think?

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