Welcome to Homespun Haints, the podcast where our guests tell us about the true ghost stories they’ve experienced! On today’s episode, we interview fellow podcaster, paranormal investigator, and ghost tour guide D.C. O’Rourke, AKA Denny, AKA the ghost magnet.

Episode Summary

D.C. is a paranormal podcaster like the hosts of Homespun Haints. Also like us, he has many of his own real ghost experiences to share. Unlike us, however, D.C.’s ghost experiences are pretty extra. Like the time his mother’s dead childhood frenemies may have followed him home from an abandoned home for troubled boys and took unprovoked umbrage with his family pet. Also the time he was beset upon by ghost pirates in the woods. Also the time he inadvertently summoned a demon for a demanding audience. And, of course, the time his buddy Charlie punched a ghost. Because that happened.

It was in self-defense. No innocent ghosts were harmed in the recording of this episode.

Despite his first-hand encounters that would likely fill both of us with nope, D.C.’s terrifying experiences only drive him to dig deeper into the mysteries he’s witnessed.

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Episode Show Notes

Process Drawing of the pirate ghost punching Charlie

About D.C. O’Rourke

If you love our show, you’ll probably love his: Hauntingly Yours: A Podcast for The Paranormal. D.C. guides us on a private tour of his haunted life. From the dark woods near Chesapeake Bay, to the crumbling abandoned nursing home near his childhood home, all the way back to the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, D.C., come sightsee with us, today, on Homespun Haints.

Spooky Stories

Episode References

Blackbeard the Pirate

D.C.’s phenomenally frightening first time in Old House Woods makes us think he ran into some of the infamous Blackbeard‘s crew of scallywags. Local legend tells of an old treasure hidden in those woods. In fact, treasure hunters may have recently discovered said treasure! Perhaps his buddy Charlie was astral projecting too close to that buried treasure? Other than that, what would cause ghost pirates to attack?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a laying-on-of-hands healing technique; a Japanese concept that teeters between metaphysics and spirituality. So of course there is rampant disagreement of it’s nature (good vs. evil) between various religious people. It’s also something Diana has experience with. But we’ve never heard of a reiki practitioner having the ability to detect a demonic imprint, have you?

Why are abandoned medical facilities always haunted?

D.C. did much of his ghost hunting at old abandoned Horn Harbor Nursing Home. This spooky site is also very close to his home town, in New Point, VA. So close, in fact, that the commute was no bother for meddlesome spirits. This insanely haunted location has since been demolished. But not before D.C. had some spooky good times here, with plenty of witnesses.

What do you think, Hainted Loves? Have you ever had ghosts follow you home, or seen something terrifying in an abandoned medical building? Or have you ever made physical contact with a ghost, violent or otherwise? Let us know, for a chance to be the next spooky storyteller on Homespun Haints, our creepy paranormal podcast.

Until next time, have a spooky day!