Just how haunted is Miami? This beautiful section of south Florida and its surrounding cities contain a healthy mixture of cultures, beliefs, and of course, spirits. We all love spooky things, but when those spooky things come home with us, and start to bother our children, it’s time to do some serious house cleaning.

Episode Summary:

Anthony isn’t sure why his haunted Miami area condo seems to be a hotbed of activity, but he has a few theories. Hear about the weird things happening in his Florida home and how he deals with them, today, on Homespun Haints.

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About the Guest Anthony Pena

Anthony is no stranger to hauntings. He has been experiencing paranormal phenomena throughout his haunted Miami childhood. However, his latest hauntings are bothering his child and wife, so he’s sworn off seeking out the spooky and instead focuses on saging his house regularly.

Anthony has a gaming channel on Twitch, @QuePenaGaming. You can also check out the travel vlog he runs with his wife at YouTube.com/c/QuePenaTravels and see his photography on Instagram at @punk_dad_photography.

Episode Show Notes

A Haunted Miami Area Monolith: Hollywood Beach Resort

There are multiple people with evidence of a haunting at this creepy old hotel where Anthony inspected fire alarms. Is it really full of the ghosts of Al Capone’s shenanigans?

The Haunted Hollywood Beach Resort. Photo by Becky Kilimnik

In fact, this spooky place is SO haunted we did a special episode on it, to be released Thanksgiving Day! Subscribe now so you don’t miss it!

How to properly dispel ghosts

There’s a lot of ways to cleanse your space to make sure your home is safe and full of good vibes. We made some TikTok videos to explain it best, but the gist of it is here:

If you have a ghost “problem” in your house, you can first try to negotiate with it by setting boundaries or leaving activities for it so it will have something to do other than bothering you. If the problem goes beyond a simple nuisance, you can dispel the ghosts by walking along every wall and into every corner of your home (don’t forget closets and the attic) with a cleansing substance in hand, as listed below.

Here are three tools you can use to excise your excitable ectoplasmic entity

  1. Burning stuff. If you’re prone to pyrotechnics then you’ll feel right at home with this common method of cleansing. Sage tends to be the common go-to, even though using it is controversial. However, burning other herbs such as rosemary, mint, or basil also work (herbs you grow yourself are the best). You can also use incense or a stick of cinnamon. Just be careful not to catch anything on fire cause then you got an even bigger problem.
  2. Holy water. I say “holy water” with a grain of salt (pun intended). Dude, there are so many ways you can get water that’s blessed or charged or “holy” and it doesn’t matter what religion (or lack of religion) you are.. You can find rituals online to do it yourself by placing a jar of water under a full moon or throwing salt, herbs, spices, whatnot in it. Or if you’re Catholic, you can go to your local parish and get some. There’s even a YouTube video out there where a priest says the blessing for making holy water and you just need to leave some water by your computer with the volume up. I’m not making this up. 
  3. Making noise. Yes, noise, cleanses out those cobwebby companions. Some people prefer to walk around their house with a bell, some people like to use singing bowls, and some people resort to banging a spatula against a frying pan. I don’t judge. Whatever is your jam (see another pun) will do the trick.

If you live in the extremely haunted Miami area, we suggest doing the above at least every two weeks.

Raising kids to respect ghosts

After being disbelieved by his parents about his childhood paranormal experiences, Anthony seems set on helping his son constructively interact with ghosts. How would you react if your kids told you they saw a ghost? Hopefully with the right guidance and support, future generations can learn to love having a spooky day!