Stories of haunted balloons and ghosts and how they go together in the world of high strange paranormal. Also true first-hand stories of ghosts bothering people while they’re in bed.

Episode Summary

You’re in the house, all alone. The party is over, the guests have all left, and the decorations are in the trash. You hear a strange noise, and turn to look. Out rising from the debris of merriment rises a very sinister object. You can almost hear a ghostly cackle in the distance as you freeze in fear. Once you’ve regained your senses, would you stay to investigate? Or would you run, terrified?

This very scenario has happened several times to our guest today, who seems to spend a lot of time cleaning up after ghosts. Hear her stories, and get the scoop on haunted objects, today, on Homespun Haints.

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About the guest, Alecia

Alecia, a woman who has seen plenty of haunted balloons, is the co-host of the podcast Twisted and Uncorked. Every episode Alecia, along with her co-host Sierra, explore true crime, the occult, cryptids, and the generally spooky. Follow Twisted and Uncorked on Instagram @twistedanduncorked and on Twitter @Twisted_Pod.

Alecia, co-host of Twisted and Uncorked

About the guest host Katie of Lady Teal’s Curios

Katie, creator of Lady Teal’s Curios, is a woman of many talents and we’re so thrilled she joined us as guest host for this episode.

As mentioned in the episode, Katie and Becky ventured to the Historic Scott County Jail one cold evening in February to go on a paranormal investigation.

Katie (Lady Teal) and Becky on a ghost hunt at the Historic Scott County Jail

Can objects be haunted?

Most definitely! However, we don’t think haunted balloons exist, but rather ghosts playing with balloons. After all, balloons are a rather ephemeral object and usually an object needs to be around for awhile before it can become haunted.

Katie is a bit of a haunted objects expert, especially haunted dolls. She is currently in the process of investigating some Victorian-era haunted hair.

Haunted hair from 1877, currently under investigation by Lady Teal’s Curios

Katie also told us about the Harridan vodka aged next to the actual Annabelle doll. We’ll keep an eye out to see if she orders it (and drinks it)!

More on haunted objects

Reports abound about haunted objects, and they go for a pretty penny if you try to purchase one at auction. But can an object actually be haunted? And, if so, how does this even happen?

I cannot give you any scientific facts here. But I can relay the stories I’ve heard firsthand, the the experiences I myself have had when “things” appear to have souls.

We have heard from guests that have started encountering strange things after bringing home an antique or ominous object. We have heard about haunted dolls, haunted shoes, and haunted daggers. We’ve seen the cursed image of a haunted portrait. Are these objects haunted by the people who once owned them, though, or do they have some sort of “soul” in and of themselves? Indeed, one medium we spoke with said that anything anthropomorphic will inherently have a little bit of a soul by default. That’s not chilling at all!

Can something come to life by drawing it?

Personally, though, I have to say I’ve experienced something supernatural myself when I create the image of a face under my pen or my brush. If I start to add enough detail, I can feel the image come alive. I can’t describe really what that is—one moment, it’s merely a picture. The next minute, it becomes something more. Take what you will from that.

Furthermore, there have been times I’ve started to draw something that one of our guests has described—something that is particularly ominous,—and I begin to feel ill as I create it. Many of my artworks go unfinished for this reason. Stomach aches, shortness of breath, and even hives have accompanied certain drawings and paintings. I stop my work; I don’t want to bring alive whatever it is any more than I already have.

Once upon a time, we had a guest who described a drawing she did as a child of a ghost girl that kept visiting her. I asked my own daughter to recreate the image, and for months afterward we started having strange activity throughout our house. It was almost as if a young child were throwing a tantrum with my daughter’s things. Again, you can take what you want from that.

Haunted objects other than balloons

So, to answer the question, can objects be haunted? I most assuredly would say yes, if they have a face. If you’ll notice in the drawing I’m doing right now, faces are definitively absent.

Do you own a haunted object? Want to tell us about it? Submit your story to be featured on the next Homespun Haints podcast episode, and we’ll see you soon! While you wait, why not learn how to draw a haunted house from Becky? You never know what results you might get.

Until next time, have a spooky day!