Katie gets to know her new tarot cards, hand-me-down haunted dolls, and ghosts in haunted locations around the US, all with an open mind and a citrine pendulum.

Episode Summary

Some people avoid ghosts at all costs, and some people run to them. One person, in particular, also collects haunted objects (including haunted dolls), investigates haunted abandoned hospitals on her own, and does it all while living in a portable home so she can spend more time at these haunted locations.

Lady Teal is an artist, podcaster, writer, marketing specialist, collector, and haunted travel agent, and she has some very interesting stories to tell.

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About the Guest: Lady Teal, AKA Katie Brittle

Katie AKA Lady Teal
Katie, of Lady Teal’s Curios

Katie is a full-time traveler and collector of haunted dolls and other oddities. She has a dream of someday opening a haunted museum. In the meantime, she’s been broadcasting live ghost hunts.

“Through photography, curiosity collecting, and podcasting, I try to unveil captivating stories and objects, while my day-time-job involves creative directing and crafting enchanting brand experiences. As an event and travel planner I organize immersive spectacles, and as a paranormal investigator, I love delving into the world of the unseen. I always encourage people to Stay Curious.” -From ladytealscurios.com.

Follow Katie on Tiktok @lady_teals_curios, IG @ladytealscurios, and Youtube @ladytealscurios.

Keep an eye out for Katie’s stories, published in The Feminine Macabre this Summer!

Episode Show Notes

“It literally felt like something was pushed through me.”

Can you intentionally mass-produce haunted objects?

With the number of Etsy listings for a “real haunted dybbuk box” skyrocketing, you can’t blame us for being a little skeptical that these haunted items are really so readily available. In a past episode, Katie told the story of supposedly haunted vodka that was aged near Annabelle the doll. Are these just gimmicks? Or do these shenanigans result in a reliably haunted object? Check out this episode where we explore this topic further.

How to get to know your new tarot cards

Katie never expected to be one of those tarot people who has 3 decks in her purse at all times, just in case. Yet tarot decks can be addictive, and one is rarely enough. Each deck has a different interpretation, and a different meaning. Some even have completely different cards.

Katie’s first deck was the Wild Unknown Tarot, which she calls “a good starter deck.” In this episode, she tells the story of how she bonded with the deck upon bringing it home with her. Becky has also had a strange experience with a new deck speaking to her audibly in the quiet language of shuffling.

Step 1: Introduce yourself to your new tarot deck

You can do this vocally, or with visualization and energy. Maybe flip through the deck. You could pull out the cards you really like the artwork on, or the cards you tend to draw over and over if you’re a seasoned self-reader.

Step 2: Tell the tarot cards your intentions

How do you plan to use the cards? This seems obvious sometimes, but there are probably some specific details you can come up with. Are you using these cards for paid readings? Just for friends? For your own private use? Are you seeking guidance through a current obstacle, to understand someone else’s motivations better, or to divine the future? Are you trying to talk to the deceased? Just want to draw a random card for daily inspiration? Explaining this to the deck might help with the next step, in which you can determine if this is the right choice for your needs.

Step 3: Do a reading only about the tarot deck

Allow it to tell you what it’s intentions are. Try asking aloud, “tell me about you, what I should expect from using this deck, and how would you prefer to be used?” This reading will be only about the deck and how it intends to interact with you on an ongoing basis.

If the reading is extra salty, maybe use a different deck when you’re feeling moody and vulnerable. Or, if the reading is obtuse and vague, maybe use a different deck when you need a quick, straightforward answer. And if the reading is super poignant, informative, interesting, and helpful, use this deck all the time! We all need more of these types of readings in our lives.

Step 4: Sleep with the new tarot deck under your pillow

Unless you find that uncomfortable; then sleep with the cards under your bed. You may just have a dream about how bonding with your new tarot cards is going to go.

Curious Haunted Places Mentioned in this Episode

Katie has collected some pretty amazing real EVP at some of these locations.

Getting to know your new tarot cards and old haunted dolls

Well Hainted Loves, what do you think? Let us know how you get to know your new tarot cards in our Facebook group. If you have a story about a haunted doll, submit it for a chance to be featured on a future episode of Homespun Haints Podcast. And for goodness’ sake, if you give a friend a haunted doll, at least potty train it first, or you’re setting them up for a spooky day!