Repeat guest Frantz describes his encounters with ghosts of Tibetan monks in a Florida Airbnb, undead peeping toms in a hotel in Phoenix, and a demonic grandmother in a haunted San Francisco lodging. But, per his usual, Frantz handles these bizarre encounters with hilarity and grace.

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Episode Summary: Is every hotel haunted?

Imagine, if you will, checking into a hotel for a business trip. Your coworkers are in a different, newer section of the building, but you seem to be in a section full of oddly-dressed partiers who seem oblivious to the no smoking rules and the absence of a pool. As you continue toward your room, you begin to realize that those people circling around you are ghosts. And they’re hanging out in the hallways because something far worse is lurking in your room.

Let’s talk to our repeat guest, Frantz, about his experiences in haunted hotels, today, on Homespun Haints.

About the Guest: Frantz

You heard him before on the episode I Am Talking to this Motherf*ing Ghost, but oh my, does he have more stories to tell. Frantz may be retired as a medium, but, as he says, he’ll never be free of ghosts until there’s a spirit witness protection program. Because it seems like everywhere he goes, the entities know he can see them, and they all want a turn at his attention.

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From the holy to the spicy, and everything in between, Frantz has a hotel haunting experience for all seasons. We’re pretty sure this won’t be the last time we hear his true ghost stories on our show. After all, Ghost Witness Protection doesn’t seem like a forthcoming program in this economy.

Have you stayed at any haunted hotels lately? Apply now to tell your story on Homespun Haints, and let’s have a spooky day!