Author Kerrie Erwin of Sydney, Australia, guides us though how to release earthbound spirits and banish shadow people.

Episode Summary

How would you react if you learned you were destined to help earthbound and wandering spirits cross over to the next plane? Our guest, Kerrie Erwin, discovered that that was her fate when she was quite young, and has since then helped countless people, both living and dead, get to where they’re supposed to be. And boy does she have some interesting information to share.

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About the Guest: Kerrie Erwin

Kerrie Erwin, Author of Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls 
Kerrie Erwin, Author of Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls 

Kerrie is the author of several books, both fiction and nonfiction, about the spirit world. She has even channeled a Celebrity Spirit Oracle deck! In this interview, we discuss her most recent book, Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls. You can keep up with her on Instagram @mediumkerrieerwin or Facebook @Kerrie Erwin: Public Figure. Her many books on spirit work are available on Amazon or at many booksellers worldwide. But before she was a published writer, Kerrie travelled the globe releasing earthbound spirits in private homes. She still does this work remotely, which you can learn more about at her website,

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I’m sorry, Mrs. Bobbins, but you’re going to have to get a vibrator, really.

Kerrie Erwin

What is a spirit guide team?

Kerrie has several spirit guides she works with. She attributes the success and security she’s experienced in her spirit-led career and life to the support of her excellent spirit team. Far from typical Hollywood earthbound spirit guides, they are actually able to manifest on either side of the veil and anywhere in the world. These guides help Kerrie with clearing houses remotely, because they can instantly travel the distance to the home, round up the spirits, and have them positioned right by the door. Kerrie needs only to give them a nudge.

How do spirit guides work?

We wonder many things about the nature of a spirit team. Are spirit guides assigned to us, or collected intentionally? Do we all have spirit guides, and psychics just interact with theirs more intentionally? Or do psychics have a greater quantity or quality of spirit guides?

Perhaps most perplexingly, why does it always seem that spirit guides of mediums are important, powerful people? For instance, Kerrie’s spirit guides include a chief, a witch…but we’ve never heard anyone mention their spirit guide Marge who worked the grocery checkout at Safeway and took care of her grandkids on weekdays, or their spirit guide Ken who worked security at the meat packing plant after skipping town to avoid his alimony payments. Is this because psychics are picky in whom they choose to work with? Or is it that people with more innate power or a higher ethical responsibility to others during life tend to feel inspired to come back and help others in their afterlife, while the rest of us are just enjoying our fleshless retirement?

Or are these guides projecting their self image not as they actually were in life, but as the maximum potential they had in life, now that they’re ephemeral and can take different forms? Maybe Marge the clerk could’ve been a senator, if she hadn’t gotten married so young?

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where we toss around our own crackpot theories on the nature of spirit guides.

How to tell the difference between earthbound spirits of the deceased, transcended spirit guides, and shadow people

It turns out, we don’t all become ghosts when we die. Kerrie tells us that it’s a very small minority of the deceased who get stuck here as ghosts. We’ve all heard the old trope of ghosts having “unfinished business” that keeps them involuntarily hanging around this side of the veil. Kerrie expands upon this concept, describing the various reasons a spirit might be stuck here: fear of the unknown in the afterlife, regret of something in the past, a codependent relationship with a living person, or ignorance that they’ve even died.

How to tell if you have a ghost

If you cannot hear or see ghosts, here are a few clues that you’re living with one, either haunting your home, or attached to your aura:

  • Family arguments are increasing.
  • People feel sick, drained, or angry.
  • Pets stop eating, get ill, or even die for no good reason.
  • Career problems seem insurmountable.
  • Objects seem to move around, either while you’re watching, or they’re not where you put them.
  • Unexplained stinky odors.

But if you do have the ability to see different types of ghosts (which is often something people have but doubt so severely that they justify what they see as something mundane), you can discern them fairly easily. Shadow people will appear as dark shadows, (sometimes with top hats, like the Hatman,) that creep along walls, as though they don’t take up actual space. They tend to torment children. Earthbound spirits or ghosts will congregate in places like train stations, airports, shopping malls, or hospitals. The “living spirit” of a deceased loved one who has crossed over but comes back to visit will appear as white light and feel quite loving. If you manage to catch a spirit’s aura on camera, you may notice that spirit guides appear as white orbs, while ghosts or more sinister shadow people produce yellow, gray, or black orbs. Kerrie has a more detailed guide to identifying orbs on her website.

How to release an earthbound spirit

No matter whether you are haunted by benign or sinister ghosts, you should still get them out of your space. They feed off the energy of the living to stay behind, but this isn’t enough to keep them strong. The longer they’re earthbound, the more deranged the ghosts become, and the less like their living selves. The longer a living person is fed on, the more of the above consequences they feel. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a powerful psychic medium to release earthbound spirits, if you’re brave enough.

Here are some of Kerrie’s very basic steps to freeing an earthbound spirit. For any of these steps to work, it’s ideal if you are sober and physically fit.

Clear the aura

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a pure white room. Look (with your eyes closed, so using your intuition or third eye) to the left, right, and behind you. Do you see anything? There shouldn’t be anything in your aura but light. If you perceive someone there, however that looks for you, tell it to leave. Visualize a white light coming down from the heavens, flowing through your chakras, and a blue cloak draped on your shoulders. Kerrie mentioned using Bach flower essences (specifically walnut) to clear residual ghost energy from your aura after breaking an attachment.

Clear the house

Find the earthbound spirits within the house that need to be released. This might be an easier task if you recruit your spirit guides (or a psychic medium) for help. When you find one, tell it to leave, to go into the light.

Seal the portals

Visualize your hand chakras opening while rubbing your hands together until they warm up. Then, hold your hands up to the areas where you suspect ghosts and shadow people are entering your space. You may feel a cool breeze on your hand chakra, indicating an open portal. Visualize a white light from above, entering your crown chakra and exiting through your hand chakra. Pour that white light into the portal until you can no longer feel it.

Fumigate with sage smoke

Kerrie is a fan of burning sage to repel ghosts, but she says most of us are doing it wrong. Apparently, waving a smudge stick in a haunted house is the exorcism equivalent of confronting a home intruder by farting and walking away.

Kerrie advised us to instead fill a large pot lined with aluminum foil with dried sage, light the sage, cover the pot with a lid until the sage is smoking profusely, then fill the entire house with sage smoke. If you’re not masked and gagging with tears streaming down your face, you’re doing it wrong. After a while, open the windows (even the witch window, if you live in Vermont) to let the smoke (and the weakened ghosts) out.

Kerrie prefers using white sage or grandfather sage (Salvia apiana), which only grows wild in North America, but can be purchased online (just be sure you’re purchasing ethically). Also, it perhaps shouldn’t always be specifically sage smoke. Try to customize the plant you burn to the cultural traditions of the spirit in the environment. This process will mainly work to clear the space of residual spirit energy after the ghosts have already gone, so that fewer symptoms linger, and so that energy doesn’t attract more ghosts. You’ll know your efforts were successful when the place feels lighter, brighter, and more cheery. You may need to repeat the fumigation for a week to clear all the residual energy.

Ask for professional help when you need it

If you are dealing with a serious problem, it might behoove you to read Kerrie’s book. If you’ve followed all these steps plus the ones in the book and they aren’t working, you may just not be in the right headspace or currently have the strength to DIY this project. Being weakened (from living with ghosts, for example,) is counter to the confidence it takes to free an earthbound spirit. In these cases, professional help might be useful. Kerrie does distance clearings with her spirit guide team, so you don’t even need to have anyone (alive) in your space to receive help.

Ghosts aren’t pets; stop having sex with them!

Surrender and work for the spirit world, and your guides will take care of you. Hold onto an earthbound spirit selfishly, and you’ll only get sicker until you release them. Hainted Loves, what do you think? Let us know if you’ve got spirit guides and what you perceive their nature to be, or if you’ve got your own method of releasing earthbound spirits haunting your aura. Tell us all about it in our Facebook group, and we’ll all have a spooky day!