It was 1983, “Screaming in the Night” by Krokus had hit #21 on the charts, Diana was gestating in the womb, and Leon of Mojave had a life-altering choice to make between two friends named Jim; Jim of light, and Jim of darkness…could playing cards and telepathy be just the trick to guide his path, or are these all just magickal coincidences?

Episode Trigger Warning

This episode contains true stories involving domestic violence, child abuse, and suicide. Nothing excessively graphic, but be aware.

AI-generated transcript of this episode available upon request.

Show Notes

What is the trick to telepathy?

Leon recommended to mentally become the other person, see/hear them, visualize yourself using their lips to speak in their voice. Give them a firm command. Then, purposefully forget all about it. Leon says you’ll know you’re doing it wrong if the person doesn’t get your message.

Diana sees this theory of telepathy as a form of communication, whereas Becky sees it as a form of mind control. How do you see it?

Is it telepathy or precognition?

How can you tell the difference between making things happen with your mind, and just knowing what is going to happen? Leon says it’s all about control and making decisions. But there’s some evidence nowadays that some things that we believe we are making decisions about (like muscle contractions) actually start happening before the conscious decision is made. Diana thinks in light of this new fascinating evidence, this is worth more discussion.

Does magical ability wane as you grow up?

Appropriately to his own Robinson Age, teenage Leon had two witchy friends named Jim. One had a penchant for light magick, and could control flames with his mind. The other had a penchant for black magick, and made a plan to sell his soul. As time went on, Leon gravitated to one Jim over the other. But perhaps the choice would’ve eventually been made for him, since the supernatural abilities waned as the friends matured.

What about the race car that Leon helped build?

It did indeed make the world’s fastest U-turn, and possibly the world’s largest skid mark. Leon worked with Craig Breedlove to build the car that made history. You can watch more about it here:

Does it mean something to find a lot of rocks while digging a grave?

Stay tuned—we are working on a bonus episode about grave-digging superstitions. We’ve heard that it’s unlucky to dig a grave in one day, but also to leave an open grave empty overnight. It certainly seems you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Where are those photos?

ghostly orb circles baby in rocker.
ghostly shadow floats over baby.
ghostly images overlay a child.

Would you try this telepathy trick?

We hope you learned a lot about how to practice telepathy, how to tell the future, and how to choose your Jims wisely. Don’t miss the bonus episode associated with this episode, where we’ll hear even more stories of strange magickal coincidences. If you have a personal experience with telepathy, please tell us all about it on our Facebook Group, in the comments, or consider submitting your story to be our next guest on the show.