Welcome to Homespun Haints, the podcast where we interview people about their real-life paranormal encounters! In today’s episode, we speak with another podcaster about the strange ghosts he has seen and felt, both in his home, and in a haunted hotel.

Summary of this Episode about Real-Life Paranormal Encounters

Shaun encountered some real-life paranormal things in his childhood home that will make you shiver. Now, as an adult, he continues to encounter something that will bother him at the same time of night, no matter where he is living. Could it be something has been following him his whole life? Or, could he just be running into different ghosts? Listen to the episode above and decide for yourself.

About Shaun Nigro

Shaun is co-host of The Writers Block podcast and co-founder of 8 Sparks Media, a platform for a variety of creative projects including VR adventures animations, and video games. The Writers Block is also co-hosted by Clarence Carter, our guest who saw hellhounds in Episode 23.

In addition to his multi-media projects, Shaun has recently published an illustrated children’s book, Koala Celebrates Songkran. And, we hear he has other similar projects in the works as well.

Episode Show Notes

Real-Life Paranormal Encounters in Haunted New Hampshire

The Omni Mount Washington Hotel doesn’t mention anything on their website about the hotel being haunted. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t. Shaun tells us that Room 314 is the place where guests experience the most activity. His experience happened a few doors down from 314.

The Witching Hour

What is it about 3 in the morning? We’ve had several guests report strange events from this spooky time of night. According to many, the hour between 3am and 4am is when the veil between worlds is thinnest. It’s just before dawn, and strange creatures may be afoot. Other accounts set this time as the antithesis of 3pm, which is representative of the Holy Trinity. It doesn’t seem to matter what time zone you live in or whether it’s daylight savings or not; 3am is the time of paranormal activity and when you’re most likely to encounter a real-life ghost. You can read more about it here to have a spooky day!