Fellow podcasters Dakota and Josh of The Mindless Morning Show tell funny true steamy alien stories.

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On this truly bizarre and hilarious episode, we hear stories about the half-body apparition of a green foot, a saber tooth tiger, the perils of farting in a museum, and a nocturnal alien visitation.

Episode Show Notes on These True Stories About Aliens

About the Guests, Josh and Dakota.

Today’s guests are the hosts of the Mindless Morning Show Podcast. Hollywood Digest named the show 1 of the top webshows in the world. In fact, at the time of this interview, they were number 69 in the list. And that’s about to have a whole lot more double-entendre relevance after you listen to this episode, heh heh. Dakota is a writer, author of the sci-fi novel Barnard’s Galaxy: Descendants of Legacy, soon to be an ongoing saga. Josh is a video game developer.

While the Mindless Morning Show is no longer in production, you can still listen to old episodes. Catch up with Josh and Dakota on Discord for updates on their future projects.

illustrations of the guests Josh and Dakota
Josh and Dakota of the former Mindless Morning Show share some true ghost stories and true alien stories

True Alien Stories

The True Story of the FBI Documents on Nikola Tesla and his Alien Origins

In the early 20th century, famous scientist Nikola Tesla produced over 1000 patents. Some of his inventions and ideas were so far ahead of his time that they might even still be ahead of our current time. He apparently predicted smart phones pretty accurately, among other things. Where did Tesla get his ideas? Well, according to the stories floating around on the internet (which are always true), one declassified FBI document suggests he was an alien.

Photo of Nikola Tesla, who was probably not involved with true alien stories, despite the conspiracy theories.
Nikola Tesla looking more clever than you, c. 1880. Photo by Napoleon Sarony

When Tesla died in the middle of the Second World War, the US government was suddenly very interested in obtaining all of his research. They mainly wanted to prevent it from falling into unfriendly hands. But there were also some promising military applications for Tesla’s work. Specifically, Tesla had supposedly invented a “death ray”. He even allegedly had a working prototype. According to rumor, the prototype cost $19,000 to construct, and was stashed in a safe deposit box at an NYC hotel.

It’s fun to read old FBI documents from the era when the government was willing to consider all sorts of possibilities. Also from the era where using typewriters, paper, and microfiche meant that spelling errors would go down in history (one special agent misspelled Tesla as Tulsa, go figure). When Tesla died, the Alien Property Custodian seized his belongings. Aha, there’s the alien link! Disappointingly, the word “alien” in this case just calls into question whether the foreign-born Tesla’s documents were at risk of being claimed by hostile foreign countries.

Did Tesla build a real death ray?

Also disappointingly, when the US government finally obtained Tesla’s safe deposit box, it contained only standard electrical equipment. But not long after, Tesla’s young protégé Bloyce Fitzgerald was tracked down in Wichita, Kansas. The FBI determined he was possibly still working on the “death ray,” which he touted as the “only possible defense against…the Atomic Bomb”. The whole situation seemed to come to no real end. The government obtained Tesla’s writings, pouted for a bit that no death ray was forthcoming, and the case was basically closed in 1950.

Then the case was reopened in 1957. What changed? A Yugoslavian-American informant contacted the FBI to report that a woman named Margaret Storm was “issuing newsletters which contain information pertaining to flying saucers and interplanetary matters,” and that “Mr. and Mrs. Storm are exploiting the reputation and genius of Nikola Tesla.” Basically, the Storms claimed Tesla invented an interplanetary communication device that wasn’t complete until after his death. Also that Tesla was born on Venus, but raised on Earth.

Was Tesla an Alien?

So are the stories true; did the declassification of this document reveal that the FBI believed Tesla was a space alien or worked with extraterrestrial? After spending wayyyyy too long reading the entire chain of communications, I can say there was nothing in the document that indicated the FBI was at all interested in investigating this angle. But Margaret Storm wrote a book about her Tesla-alien claims, if you’d like to investigate the truth of the story further. Or, if you’d rather just pretend to investigate Tesla based on David Bowie’s theatrical performance, watch the 2006 film The Prestige.

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