April Busset, the Psychic Housewife of New Jersey, explains the different types of ghosts, and shares some personal ghost stories that make you question everything you’ve heard about ghosts.

Episode Summary

What sort of energy have you put out into the world throughout your life? Have you ever wondered what happens to it? What about anger, trauma, pain—can negative emotions manifest into something dark and menacing? Can that thing become sentient, self-aware, hungry for more pain, hungry for lost souls?

Today, we speak with celebrity psychic medium April, the Psychic Housewife of New Jersey, and hear about some of the more sinister things she has experienced throughout her life and through the work that she does. And this interview may change everything you think you know about ghosts as April explains the four different types of ghosts and how they may not be what they seem.

Listen to “Episode 73: The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey” on Spreaker.

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Episode Show Notes

About April Busset

Today’s guest April is a celebrity psychic medium and a shaman. She has been featured as an intuitive on The Holzer Files, and worked with many paranormal investigators and read for many celebrities. Our recent guest, Daryl Marston (whom April knows through her work with Paranormal Warehouse), is a skeptic of mediums in general, and he gave her a glowing review after receiving a reading from her.

April, the Psychic Medium of New Jersey, who explains to us the different types of ghosts
April, the Psychic Medium of New Jersey, explains her work and the different types of ghosts she encounters

It only takes 10 seconds on April’s website, intuitiveapril.com, to get a sense of her bubbly personality. This Elle Woods of psychics breaks the mold of her traditionally spooky and mystical profession. She even admitted to us that she has turned down opportunities where the producers wanted her to dress in black or act macabre.

As weirdoes who dress in black and act macabre by nature, we can really appreciate her dedication to being her authentic self in a profession steeped in clichés and expectations. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @psychichousewifeofnewjersey.

An innocent visit from this type of ghost can cause a permanent change.

We’ve heard some differing opinions from psychic mediums on how exactly one becomes a medium. Some believe they are born with a gift. Some believe they just have more spirit guides than the average person. Yet others believe that everyone has medium potential, and that honing and nurturing it results in greater psychic ability. Their origin stories are as varied as those in the Marvel Universe. April believes that a visit from her recently departed father to her childhood bedside opened some sort of portal. Because after this formative event, April was able to sense and communicate with spirits.

What type of ghost would impersonate a child?

Children have an easier way into our hearts than adults. It’s just human nature to love little kids. This human tendency has been famously exploited by evil entities. In the story of Annabelle, the doll became possessed when an evil entity posed as a little girl and tricked the doll’s owner, playing upon her pity, into inviting the entity to reside in the doll.

April told us that children are too open and un-calloused to stay earthbound after they pass away, and will immediately cross over.

This knowledge also opened up a box of brain worms. What if any haunting by a child ghost is some sort of forgery? In other words, the ghost child cannot be a ghost of an actual deceased child. It is much more likely to be an evil entity posing as a child. But it may not just be the sinister type of ghost that impersonates a child ghost. Perhaps you’re interacting with a deceased person who was an adult when they passed away, but prefers to manifest in their childlike form because that’s how they identify.

If you are really interacting with an actual child spirit, it could be one who crossed over. Yes, apparently, spirits who have successfully crossed over can, by April’s testimony, come back to interact and communicate with the living again. This concept alone blew our minds. Or, the child ghost could be part of a residual haunting. Which brings us to…

The four main different types of ghosts…or ghostly/haunting entities.

Do you ever wonder; what different types of ghosts are you seeing or sensing? April helpfully summed up human-ghost interactions into four main categories for us.

  • “The earthbound” are the most classic type of ghost, according to western lore. These are spirits of the deceased who have decided, for whatever reason (usually one founded on trauma), to remain on this plane of existence after death instead of crossing over. They may behave erratically and interact with the living in various ways. April tells us the longer they stay earthbound, the more confused they get. This might be why they require intervention to cross over.
  • “The residuals” are hauntings that play on a loop, like a recording. These entities do not ever interact with the living in new or unpredictable ways, because they are not sentient. Some people believe that certain rocks, like quartz or limestone, can record events and replay them in a way that’s possible for the living to witness.
  • “The crossed-over” are spirits which have departed this realm and moved on to another plane of existence. Whereas these aren’t technically “ghosts,” April tells us this type of ghost can visit and interact kind of like the earthbound if they so desire.
  • “The shadows” are something different. They never were a living human at any point. While April says these are far from “demonic,” they are negative or evil entities. Some of the shadows function as soul collectors. This means they attempt to keep other spirits earthbound, maybe to use as slaves, or perhaps to vampirize for energy.

Can ghosts make you sick?

Everyone and everything has a vibrational frequency. April tells us that spirits have erratic vibrational frequencies, whereas the living have somewhat consistent frequencies. The clash of these different frequencies co-existing in a dwelling leads to…something we don’t fully understand. Maybe it misaligns your chakras, like some kind of reverse reiki? Either way, April says any type of ghost can harsh your vibe and cause physical effects. Which is why it was so unsettling when April confirmed that there’s a ghostly presence in Diana’s house.

The science of vibrations and health

There are indeed frequencies out there that have an extreme effect on the physical body. For example, a big rig truck engine chugs along at a relatively slow ~4.5 hz vibrational frequency. This speed can cause the soft tissues that connect the skeleton to change into a more semi-liquid state of matter after just minutes of exposure. E.g. it will loosen a body up, kind of like the warm-up before a workout. This can be an occupational hazard to the lumbar intervertebral discs of a truck driver who sits atop this engine all day in a poor ergonomic position. Yet the same frequency, applied differently, can also act as a physical therapy to help heal those same tissues.

Similarly, a cat’s purring also has a healing effect. Cats sometimes purr when they sustain an injury, confounding human observers who correlate purring with a happy cat. Astronauts who have lost bone density from long stints in zero-gravity can rebuild it by standing on a platform that vibrates at ~50 hz.

What does this have to do with ghosts of any type?

So it’s not too far-fetched to entertain the idea that the constant contact with a haunting will have some sort of physical effect on the human body. Perhaps that means all different types of ghosts can make you sick. Anecdotally, Diana’s experienced some medical issues while living in places that have evidence of supernatural activity.

April says the only way to resolve these issues are to have a shaman help the spirit responsible for the haunting cross over. She also cautions not to just go with any old shaman, but to select one who belongs to a tribe. If ghosts make you sick inevitably, Diana really needs to get on this.

Thank you for listening to our show!

We were so honored that April took the time to talk to our little indie podcast. If you found us through April, we hope you enjoyed the show! Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment or joining the conversation on social media. Until next time, have a spooky day!