Scientists tell us that the terrifying experience of sleep paralysis is a completely natural occurrence, and nothing paranormal at all. Our minds wake up before our bodies, and it’s common to feel like a demon or other evil force is attacking us. We feel a weight on our chests, cold air hitting our faces, and an unseen presence moving around us. 

But, if you can accept that feeling like you’re being physically attacked by a demon is a completely natural part of interrupted sleep, then how do you explain the exact same thing happening to over a dozen young women in a dorm, at the same time of night, over the course of several weeks? And if you had been one of these women, would you be able to brush it off as a completely natural occurrence? Or would you accept that maybe, you too, had come face to face with a demon?

What are your thoughts?

Episode Show Notes

What is the witching hour?

For some reason this subject comes up repeatedly in Becky’s household. Becky insists it’s 3 in the morning, while Becky’s 8-year-old daughter insists it’s midnight. And, Becky’s husband keeps saying “what if you’re in a different time zone?” Becky maintains that she’s correct.

There’s something about that magical time a few hours before dawn. Is the veil thinnest then, when the dead are partying the hardest before closing time? Or is 3am really the antithesis of the holy time of 3pm, offering evil a chance to slink in?

You can read a little more about the debate here. Becky still thinks it’s 3am, though, dammit.

Exorcisms are on the rise in the US!

We discuss the differences between how the dorm demon was handled in India versus how it may have been handled in the US. But, perhaps we saw Americans as a bit more skeptical than was realistic.. Apparently, exorcising demons is on the rise in the US among American Catholics. Want to learn more? Of course you do!

Catholicism in India

Our guest talks at length of the religious culture in India, and how girls of different faiths were able to share their experiences and religious protective totems for the benefit of everyone. If you’re curious about Catholicism in India, and how it intertwines with Indian culture, check out this article.

The Story of God

In this podcast episode, Roshan mentions a documentary series with Morgan Freeman called The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. For more information on the show and specific episodes, check out its IMDB page here.

That’s all for this week! Until next time, have a spooky day!