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The years right after college can be scary. New job, new city, new apartment, new terrifying glowing red-eyed swirly mass lurking around your bedroom.

On this episode of Homespun Haints, hear Michelle’s real ghost story about what she and her roommate saw during the most frightening night of their lives. Unlike most of the ghosts Michell has encountered, the figure in her DC apartment did not seem to have a benign agenda.

Episode Show Notes

We’re so excited to meet Michelle Mercurio, and we’re sure you will be, too! Please make sure to check out her site at https://michellemercurio.com/ or follow her on Instagram at @michmerc. You can also check out HER podcast, Open Sesame, the same place you listen to ours.

The Vampire of Richmond

A train crash, a mysterious man drinking the blood of the victims, and a disappearance into a crypt! All these legends (or history?) surround the mysterious William Wortham Pool, and you can learn more about the story here.

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