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What is a succubus?

Let’s have a chat about one of my favorite supernatural entities: the succubus. A succubus is a demon that takes on a female form, seduces vulnerable men and steals their souls through sexual activity. Typically this takes place while the man is dreaming, and most of the time there are multiple dream visits, each time sucking out a little more of the man’s soul until there’s nothing left. Sounds kinky!

Above: The succubus sucks out the man’s soul each night until there’s nothing left.
Original photo before modifications by Dainis Graveris on Sexual Alpha

Seriously though, the idea of succubi (yep, that’s the plural form) has been around for centuries. I’m talking waaaay back into biblical times, y’all. Succubus sure has been around! (See what I did there?!?) While it’s said the succubus changes appearance to appeal to her victim, she’s usually depicted as a scantily-clad attractive humanoid with bat wings. I mean, sounds pretty hot to me!

what is a succubus

Above: The succubus is often depicted as a scantily-clad woman with bat wings.
Photo copyright by kharchenkoirina for Adobe Stock

Okay, so you know this succubus story has been around for centuries, but why did this whole “sexy winged demon lady will steal your soul through your tallywhacker” come about in the first place? One theory is that it was an explanation to why men have, ahem, wet dreams. Because that answer is way more fun than “it’s just a natural occurrence for those with their plumbing on the outside” am I right?

See you in your dreams, suc-cker! Photo by Dalton Smith on Unsplash

Another theory is that the succubus came about to explain sleep paralysis. Have you ever experienced that? You know, you “wake up” but can’t move or speak? Typically those that have experienced this sleep phenomenon also describe a feeling of something sitting or pushing on their chest.

So there you have it! I personally prefer the raunchier explanation above, but it’s probably because I have the maturity of a twelve year old.