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How much do you know about the actual Salem witch trial stories? What actually happened in the area that became the Massachusetts Bay Colony when the Pilgrims and Puritans arrived? We hope you’re hungry for some dark history, because our guest tells it like it really happened in 17th century Plymouth and Salem.

Episode Summary

How do you picture what life was like when pilgrims and Puritans landed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? And what ghosts linger from those first few decades of trauma and bloodshed?

Becky and guest host Karly speak with a tour guide and historian working in Salem, who dishes out a realistic picture of life in Massachusetts in the 17th century. These stories are more gruesome history than ghosts, so settle in for a taste of macabre history, today, on Homespun Haints.

Transcript available on request.

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This week’s podcast promo is from Weird Darkness, hosted by voice actor Darren Marlar.

About the Guest, Girl Henry Rollins

Our Thanksgiving and witch trial stories are told by our guest, Girl Henry Rollins. This history expert is a tour guide with Salem Historical Tours. She mainly leads the Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour.

Girl Henry Rollins, historian and tour guide in Salem, Massachusetts

Follow our guest Girl Henry Rollins on TikTok at @girlhenryrollns and check out her tour guide account at @salemuncensored.

About our Guest Host, Karly The Village Tarot Witch

We’re so thrilled to be joined by Karly (@thevillagetarotwitch on Instagram) as a guest ghost host. Karly has been on our show in the past in Season 3, where she told a terrifying story of a supernatural creature that accosted her in the bath.

Now, Karly has a new show called Drinks and Disasters and you should definitely check it out. Follow this podcast on Instagram @drinksanddisasters and check out Karly’s co-host Bizzy at @bizzybcoven.

Karly, The Village Tarot Witch

Episode Show Notes and References

Where is Diana?

Diana had her throat ripped out by a cryptid. Because cryptids are trans-dimensional beings, it’s been a bit of an effort to get her throat back. She is diligently working with CERN to find the throat thief and restore her vocal cords to their rightful place.

What is a Pukwudgie?

Sometimes spelled Puk-Wudjie, this strange creature originates with the Wampanoag people. Pukwudgie sare small human-like creatures that stand about two to three feet tall and inhabit a vast swath of New England. They have long ears and fingers and smooth, gray skin, and are similar in disposition to goblins and leprechauns (i.e. they’re tricksters). Wampanoag legend says once upon a time, Pukwudgies and humans got along just fine, but a dispute led to the deity Maushop exiling Pukwudgies from the area. The small creatures eventually made their way back to New England. Bloodshed ensued and things have never been quite as nice between humans and Pukwidgie-kind since.

Were there witches in Salem, MA?

400 years ago, there was a bizarre event in Salem, Massachusetts. If you haven’t heard of the Salem Witch Trials, what have you been doing with your life? But here’s the rub: you didn’t get the real story.

No, there were no witches in Salem during the witch trials. However, there are plenty of witches there now. The town has become a haven for occultists, goths, Satanists, LGBTQIA and witches.