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You’ve heard about Diana’s basement ghost before. For years, you’ve probably been noticing a mention here and a snippet there. On this episode, you’ll finally hear about the ongoing saga of experiences Diana has had in her current home. Although the…thing…in Diana’s basement interacts in rare and mostly subtle ways, over the course of four decades, those interactions add up to one spooky yarn.

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Episode Summary: Diana’s Basement Ghost

The house Diana grew up in was built in the 1920’s, during Tulsa’s heyday. Her family lived in the house when she was born, and still does. At the beginning of 2020, Diana moved back into the same house, to help make repairs and spruce it up for her mom while her mom enjoys the retiree RV life for a bit.

If you recall, this was right about the time Becky and Diana started producing the very podcast you’re currently reading about. And as Becky always says, the more we talk about ghosts, the more ghosts seem to manifest for us. What was a vague childhood memory of weird feelings and dreams about the basement of this house became a whole new ballgame once we started obsessing over ghost stories here.

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Episode Show Notes

About the Guest

It’s Diana! You know, our co-host. Yes, that Diana. Longtime listeners know it’s a Homespun Haints tradition to tell a story about one of our very own personal paranormal experiences. Happy Decaversary!


How old is the house?

The house was built in 1929-1930. Diana’s family has owned it since the mid 1970’s.

Has anyone died in the house?

No, there’s no record of anyone dying in the house. Nor are there any family or public records we’ve been able to locate referencing anyone meeting the description of the people Diana dreamt about.

Was the house built on an ancient burial ground?

Quite possibly. The surrounding land has some traumatic history, even recently. Much of Tulsa, and therefore probably this house, is actually located on Muscogee (Creek) reservation lands, which were settled by the Muscogee (Creek) and Cherokee people who were forced to relocate to the area in the 1830’s. The government broke their agreement with this sovereign nation to make Oklahoma into a state in 1907. About a decade before the house was built, nearly an entire neighborhood of African American families were massacred just a few miles north of the house. We are still to this day discovering and excavating the victims’ unmarked graves.

But “ancient”? Maybe that holds water, too. For thousands of years before Europeans invaded the area in the 1500’s, native peoples did inhabit this area. The Wichita and the Caddo presence in the area can be traced back into prehistory, and the Osage and Apachean-speaking people likely stayed or passed thorough the land that is now called Tulsa. The nomadic Clovis and Folsom cultures were hunting in the area 10,000-12,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence implies that people have lived on or passed over these lands for 20,000 to 30,000 years. And on and on through the ages, people lived, and therefore likely died, all around this area. That’s quite a lot of time for bodies to accumulate.

Have you opened the secret passageway yet?

We’re just waiting for Becky to visit Tulsa. Since she’s so excited to see what’s in the secret passageway, Diana can’t in good conscience open it without her present.

When will Becky be visiting this house?

Soon, hainted loves! We will open the secret passageway for the first time in decades on Sept 24, 2023. Wanna watch? Click here for your ticket to the live stream event! We’re gonna do some ghost hunting up in this basement.

When do we get to see this basement?

Here you go:

Diana on the basement stairs
Little Diana slinking down her basement stairs like a cheery Samara

Who else has corroborated any of this basement ghost story?

  • Emily Davis, psychic medium, mentioned seeing a motherly presence in Diana’s home right after we finished recording her interview. Where did she see the vision? Her view was of the wall that’s on the other side of the basement stairs in the photo above.
  • April the Psychic Housewife felt something present during her interview.
  • Annie Larson, psychic medium, detected something during her interview.
  • Our guest Amanda had a dream about Diana’s basement that was eerily similar to Diana’s own most recent basement ghost dream.
  • Diana’s mom’s friend’s toddler communicated with something through the floor grate that he identified as a famous anthropomorphic mouse.

What is hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a very rare virus that causes severe, life-threatening lung and kidney disease. This virus is transmitted by 4 types of rodents that live in the US: the cotton rat, rice rat, deer mouse, and white-footed mouse. We probably don’t need to worry about it much, as only about 800 cases were reported nationwide in the 26 years between 1993 and 2019. Only 8 of these reported cases were in Oklahoma. Also, any rodents sealed inside the secret passage would’ve likely died half a century ago and long since become inert tiny skeletons. How cute.

Thank you for listening to our show!

We love sharing our weird, spooky lives with you, hainted loves. Past decaversaries have included stories about a haunted art gallery, Becky’s haunted childhood, Becky’s haunted children, a haunted ski lodge, a haunted archaeology dig, Becky’s childhood “imaginary” frenemy, and Diana falling off the potty into a portal in her allegedly haunted bathroom. What do you think, how many paranormal experiences can Becky and Diana have before Episode 80? You’ll find out soon enough! Until next time, have a spooky day!


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